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Wind Turbine Technician Program

Wind Turbine Technician Program

This position is responsible for the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of wind turbine generators. You will perform testing, troubleshooting and repair of mechanical and electrical problems on variable pitch, variable speed turbines. You will assist in other areas of site construction, installation and commissioning as required and directed by designated site supervision.


  • Salary: $17-$30 an hour


Wind turbine technicians have to follow rigid safety standards due to the danger of entering a turbine when it is operating and the risks involved in scaling the tall wind turbine towers. Workplace safety is paramount at wind farms, which is why technicians have to work in teams of two. Technicians must wear harnesses, safety goggles and hard hats and have knowledge of emergency procedures in case of accidents.


Individuals wanting to become a wind turbine technician must have a sound knowledge of mechanics, for example, auto mechanics; mathematical skills; and well-developed communication skills. The absence of a fear of heights is important as all wind turbines have towers hundreds of feet high.


  • Inspect or repair fiberglass turbine blades.
  • Troubleshoot or repair mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical malfunctions related to variable pitch systems, variable speed control systems, converter systems, or related components.
  • Climb wind turbine towers to inspect, maintain, or repair equipment.
  • Diagnose problems involving wind turbine generators or control systems.
  • Perform routine maintenance on wind turbine equipment, underground transmission systems, wind fields substations, or fiber optic sensing and control systems.
  • Start or restart wind turbine generator systems to ensure proper operations.
  • Test electrical components of wind systems with devices such as voltage testers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, infrared testers, or fiber optic equipment.
  • Test structures, controls, or mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical systems, according to test plans or in coordination with engineers.
  • Assist in assembly of individual wind generators or construction of wind farms.
  • Collect turbine data for testing or research and analysis.


You can live anywhere in the United States within a reasonable distance to an airport


How long is the program?
  • Total of four 11 day sessions or 264 hours.
When is Level 1 Section 1 offered?
  • Contact Darin Campbell at 717-4166 for start dates and details
How much does it cost?
  • $491 per section (4 sections) * must take all 4 to complete certification. ($491 is due before each section to be enrolled, all books included in cost)
Is there any financial assistance available?
  • Some financial aid may be available for Veterans or through Workforce Services
Can we get re-certifications?
  • Yes
Can we get customized training?
  • Yes
Will the class be offered in the Future?
  • Classes will continue to be offered year-round.
Will I be able to live in Oklahoma?
  • Yes, however due to the nature of this business, technicians are frequently required to travel to job sites in and out of state.
Is a background check required for this program?
  • No, We do not require a background check however most employers will perform a background check and drug screenings prior to employment.
Do I have to purchase any tools to attend this class?
  • The only requirement is to have steel toed safety boots.
How can I enroll?
  • Call 405.717.4166
  • Call 405.717.4166 (Darin Campbell)
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