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Market Development

Public, private and non-profit organizations all hope to increase their market share and improve their brand. To that end, Francis Tuttle provides comprehensive market development services. Market Development is a data-based planning process directly linked to an organization's strategic plan.

Action Steps and Outcomes

  • Development or review of strategic plan
  • Business review of organization
  • Discussion of market challenges and opportunities
  • Establishment of sales objectives
  • Identification and evaluation of internal and external target markets
  • Creation of marketing objectives
  • Product development, including naming, distribution and pricing
  • Develop brand positioning and communication goals
  • Implementation of marketing activities (to include identification of local suppliers for all electronic, print and pr collaterals, event planning and sales team training)
  • Timeline, budget and ROI measures
  • Execution of marketing plan (1 year and 5 year)
  • Evaluation


  • Increased market share and revenue
  • Strategic customer focus
  • Market sophistication
  • Efficiency
  • Results
  • Organizational focus on growth and the bottom line

Planning processes vary depending upon the company and organization type. We are able to assist all types of entities, and provide solid results.

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