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Professionalism Skill Development
Professionalism is defined by our inner character, the behavior we exhibit, and the image we project. It is about high-quality service to others through our work and a keen respect for others’ rights.
Employers tell us that these are the qualities most crucial to success in the workplace and are often considered more important than the “skill of the trade.” They want workers who can get along with others, are honest, arrive at work on time, have high ethical standards and good communication skills. From their perspective, it is this body of qualities that characterize a valuable employee and a true professional.
In our continuing efforts to provide quality employees for the Oklahoma workforce, Francis Tuttle is embarking on a special effort to enhance these skills among our faculty, staff and students. Staff and faculty members have received training in effective ways of promoting these valuable skills. A Professionalism Resource Guide containing two volumes of classroom activities and resources has also been provided to instructors. In addition, posters appear throughout our campuses which feature the “Professionalism Skill of the Month.”
Following are the skills we will focus on this year:
Goal Setting
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Employability Skills and Workplace Ethics
Honesty & Integrity
Problem Solving

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