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Major Details

Advanced Respiratory Therapist

Who Can Attend
Total Hours Required
1300 for which students will receive 30 credit hours at OCCC towards completion of the AAS degree.
Financial Aid Eligibility
This career major is eligible for financial aid through OCCC. Students who meet OCCC's requirements may continue to receive financial aid through OCCC during their enrollment in the 12-month program at FTTC.
Salary Range
$20.00-$25.00 per hour (average)
Program Length
Full-Time: 12 months (Francis Tuttle coursework only)
Prior coursework at OCCC is required to enter the program.
The first group of students under this degree plan will begin January 2016 with graduation December 2016 (if all other degree requirements are met). The second class will begin June 2016 with graduation the following May. See the Entrance Requirements section for application deadlines and other information.

Program length may vary based on progress rate and/or summer school attendance.
Upon degree completion, program graduates are eligible to take two national credentialing examinations - the Therapist Multiple Choice Written Examination and the Clinical Simulation Examination.
Successful completion of both exams earns the credential of Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) and qualifies the graduate to obtain a license to practice as a Respiratory Care Practitioner in Oklahoma and most other states.
The Respiratory Care Program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). Programmatic outcomes from the most recent Annual Report of Current Status can be reviewed at http://www.coarc.com/.
Entrance Requirements
The Respiratory Care Program admits two classes of 20 students per year. Due to this limited enrollment a selective admissions process is used. Students are selected for admission based on specific criteria including preference points and GPA. Applications must be submitted by September 30th for the January start and by March 1st for the June start.
Before applying to the RC Program students should ensure they meet the following minimum criteria for admission:
- Student in Good Standing at OCCC
- 18 years of age or older
- Minimum cumulative retention G.P.A of 2.0 or higher
for all college level coursework.
- Have passed or be currently enrolled in the
pre-requisite courses listed below. Classes marked
with an asterisk must be completed with a final grade
of "C" or better.
- Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 1314)*
- Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 1414)*
- English Composition (ENG 1113)
- College Algebra (MATH 1512)* OR
- Contemporary Mathematics (MATH 1513)*
- Ethics in Health and Human Services (PSY 2233)
- Introduction to Respiratory Care (RC 1133)*
- Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology (RC 1342)*
Note: If an applicant is enrolled in one or more of the above courses at the time of application and is accepted, the course(s) must be completed prior to starting the RC program.
In addition to the admission requirements already described, there are additional criteria related to physical examination requirements, drug screening, and criminal history. Interested applicants should obtain the Respiratory Care Application Packet from the Francis Tuttle website, the Career Planning Center or the Cooperative Alliance Office at OCCC and carefully review the admissions process.
The pre-requisite courses required for admission are a subset of the 38 credit hours which must be completed at OCCC in addition to the 12-month RC Program to complete the requirements for the AAS degree. Note that while students may be admitted to the RC program after completing only the listed pre-requisites, degree completion is required for eligibility to take credentialing examinations and for subsequent licensing. Thus it is highly recommended that students plan to complete ALL OCCC coursework prior to attending Francis Tuttle.
The RC curriculum is rigorous and has required attendance and high performance standards for completion. The demanding full-time schedule and the rigor of the program make it unfeasable to take additional courses during enrollment in the 12-month program. A student who does not complete all general education courses in advance would have to take them after completing the RC program and would not be eligible for credentialing exams until their degree has been awarded.
By completing all general education and science courses at OCCC in advance, the student will be able to immediately graduate upon completion of the 12-month RC program. The graduate will then be eligible to take the required credentialing exams and enter the field with an Oklahoma Respiratory Care Practioners License.
After admission to the program, students enroll each semester through OCCC for RC courses taught at Francis Tuttle. Tuition is as follows:
Resident Tuition - 30 credit hours at $108.00 per credit hour - $3,240.00
Non-Resident Tuition - 30 credit hours at $275.80 per credit hour - $8,274.00
Francis Tuttle Application Fee (non-refundable) - $15.00
Textbooks/Software - $1,500.00
Physical exam and immunizations - $250.00
Drug testing and background checks - $120.00
Uniforms/Equipment - $300.00
Oklahoma Respiratory Care Practitioners License - $100.00
Registered Respiratory Therapist Exams - $390.00
(The Therapist Multiple Choice Examination Fee is paid by Francis Tuttle)
In State - $5,915.00
Out of State - $10,949.00
Note: This cost represents only the 12-month RC program at Francis Tuttle. Tuition and book costs for courses to be taken an OCCC is determined by the college.
Basic Respiratory Procedures150 hours
Respiratory Pathology & Pharmacology50 hours
Advanced Respiratory Procedures240 hours
Diagnostics & Outpatient Services80 hours
Pediatric & Neonatal Respiratory Care48 hours
Clinical Application of Respiratory Therapy I184 hours
Critical Care Respiratory Therapy148 hours
Respiratory Care Advanced Practice200 hours
Clinical Application of Respiratory Therapy II200 hours
College Credit
Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC)
Associate in Applied Science, Respiratory Care
General education, math, and science courses totaling 38 credit hours are completed at OCCC. The remaining 30 credit hours are awarded for completion of the 12-month, 1300 hour Respiratory Care program and Francis Tuttle.
42 hours
Supplementary Information
Students are not prohibited from working while enrolled in the RC Program. However, due to the demanding full-time schedule and the rigor of the program, applicants are strongly encouraged to plan for no more than part-time employment while completing the 12-month RC curriculum.
Gainful Employment information
This program leads to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. For more information on occupational outcomes, job placement rates, on-time completion rates, loan debt, and other useful information, please click on this link.

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