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Major Details

Nurse Aide/AUA

Who Can Attend
High school juniors, High school seniors, Adults
Total Hours Required
Financial Aid Eligibility
This career major is not eligible for financial aid.
Salary Range
$9.00 - $15.00 per hour
Program Length
Full-time: 4 months of instruction
Part-time: 8 months of instruction

Program length may vary based on progress rate and/or summer school attendance.
Location(s) and Times
America Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR and Heartsaver First Aid
CNA State Long Term Care Nurse Aide Certification
AUA State Certification
To take certification exams, all students must have a social security card or proof of US citizenship and must pass a background check.
Entrance Requirements
For admission, high school students must have passed eighth grade state tests in reading and mathematics and have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA.
Adult students must have a Reading Test score of 62 on the COMPASS test for acceptance (or meet other eligibility requirements). Contact the Health Advisor in the Career Planning Center to schedule the COMPASS test or discuss alternative acceptable test scores.
Students must provide their own transportation to required clinicals and must be physically capable of lifting and moving patients and performing tasks that require prolonged standing, walking, or other physical effort.
In-State Tuition - $1,056.00
Out-of-State Tuition - $2,112.00
Application fee (non-refundable) - $15.00
(Adult students pay tuition/fees)
Textbooks (adult students only) - $120.00
Background check and drug screen - $60.00 - $100.00 (adult students only)
Scrubs/Shoes - $75.00 each
Immunizations for Clinical - Approximately $250.00 - $300.00 but cost varies greatly depending on immunizations needed and where they are obtained.
CNA State Long-Term Care Nurse Aide Certification Exam Fee - $80.00
AUA State Certification Exam Fee - $150.00
For high school students, the CNA Exam Fee is paid by Francis Tuttle. For adult students, Francis Tuttle will pay for one certification exam with instructor approval.
In-State Adult Students - $1,366.00
Out-of-State Adult Students - $2,422.00
High School Students - $75.00
All students add cost of immunizations as described above as well as the cost of any certifications not paid for by Francis Tuttle. Additional scrubs may be purchased for approximately $30.00 each if desired.
College and Career Readiness in Healthcare100 hours
Nurse Aide140 hours
Advanced Unlicensed Assistant240 hours
College Credit
Not available

Contact Info

Main Number
7:30am - 8:30pm


Attendance Numbers
Portland - 405.717.4304
Reno - 405.717.4646
Rockwell - 405.717.4206

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