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Project HOPE

Project HOPE - Turning Dropouts into Graduates

Project HOPE (High School Occupational Placement in Education) is a dropout retrieval program, housed at both the Rockwell and Reno campuses of Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

Project HOPE serves students ages 16-19 years from the Cashion, Crescent, Deer Creek, Edmond, Putnam City and Western Heights school districts. This partnership program addresses students who have dropped out of school or students who are in danger of dropping out.

Program Specifics

The purpose of Project HOPE is to offer an alternative pathway for a student to achieve his or her career goals. Students may also earn their high school diploma by achieving credits in Project HOPE academics. Students are enrolled in approximately three hours of career instruction and three hours of academic instruction each day. The grades are transcripted and credits are issued by the home schools. All criteria required by the respective districts must be met. Project HOPE reflects three components: (1) career training; (2) academic instruction; and (3) life skills training. In order for a student to be placed in the appropriate career program, he or she completes occupational interest and aptitude tests. This information, along with an interview process, is used to develop an individualized career-academic plan for each student. Project HOPE instructors develop and maintain all academic curriculums which meets the PASS skills for Oklahoma.

Success Rate

Project HOPE maintains an 82% - 93% success rate. Project HOPE is the recipient of the 2001 Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence in Alternative Education winner. OTAC (Oklahoma Technical Assistance Center) continuously evaluates Project HOPE as an exemplary model of career-related alternative education services. OTAC continues to rate HOPE’s outcome data as exemplary, indicative of showing improvement on every outcome measure.

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Contact the high school counselor(s) at our partner schools.

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