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Class Descriptions

Course or Course Descriptions are subject to change at any time.

Class Descriptions

The following descriptions will give parents and students details of our engaging classes. With the wide variety of courses offered each participant will be able to find a Summer Quest course to provide a meaningful experience.

All classes unless otherwise noted are held at the Rockwell Campus

All About Drones

Students will work in groups of two to design and build different types of radio-controlled drones and learn about the physics behind drone flights: balance, lift, and aerodynamics. They’ll fly drones with a flight simulator before earning the opportunity to fly their own drones. Engineering Adventure and Robotics from this year, or last year is required.

Animation Tips & Techniques

Learn the basics of animation as you learn to bring characters to life. You will also create your own animated greeting card using the skills you have learned.

Art Studio 101

Here’s your chance to explore what it is like to be a real artist. Choose the art you want to create and use your imagination to bring your creation to life. Students learn technique in shape, shading, perspective and basic portraiture. Complete one to three art pieces before the week is through – good enough to sell!

Art Studio 102

Take your art to the next level of drawing and mixed media with this project oriented class. Students will create their art pieces through the use of pastels, watercolors and colored pencil. Prerequisite: Students should have completed Art Studio 101 or have prior knowledge in the areas of shape, shading and perspective.

Babysitter Boot Camp I

If you like to baby-sit, this course will make you the most popular babysitter in the neighborhood. Have fun learning storytelling, songs, games, arts, crafts, and basic CPR skills. Discover how to cook fun and healthy foods that children really like to eat. Take home a babysitting “backpack” chocked full of fun ideas including games, business cards, and a certificate of completion.

Babysitter Boot Camp II

Take your babysitting skills to the next level. Expand your babysitting “backpack” with new games, activities, snack ideas and basic first aid skills. After taking this class you are sure to be the most in demand babysitter around!

Beyond the Snapshot

Students will buddy up and learn to use a DSLR camera in manual mode. Students will get hands-on experience going out for photoshoots around campus, building a backdrop set, and editing photos quickly in Camera Raw.

Bizzy Beads! (Reno)

Beads are perhaps one of the earliest forms of Native American art. Learn to do bead work on a loom. Ideas and patterns are unlimited!

Building Battle!!!!!

Design, build, and battle! From boats and towers, to cars and catapults, are you the best? Put your engineering skills to the test in this fast-paced class. Come ready to make something new every day and test your design against your classmates and the Defenders!

CAD I: Puzzled

Sketch, Design, and Create! Enter the world of Computer Aided Drafting. From puzzle cubes to buildings all creations must start with a design. You will go through a three-step creation process resulting in the skills it takes to turn your creations from plain wooden blocks to a computerized 3D design that can be modified with pictures, engravings, and animated.

CAD II: Toy Train

Students will build upon the basic CAD skills they developed in CAD I and create a miniature toy train on their computers using Autodesk Inventor software. The students will learn how to use the software to assemble the pieces in CAD, and learn how to animate the train so that the train’s wheels and linkage arms appear to move the train along different tracks; straight or curved tracks. CAD I, or previous CAD knowledge is strongly recommended, but not required.

Cartoon Academy

Do you enjoy cartoons like Adventure Time, My Little Pony, or various Disney and Anime shows? In this class you will learn how to draw in the style of your favorite cartoons! We will learn the basics of drawing cartoons and the elements that make each style unique! With these skills you will be able to draw your own character in a cartoon style you enjoy most!

Chef I - Cookies

Learn basic kitchen skills to create a variety of delicious cookies that you’ll be able to do for friends and family.

Chef II - Pies

Take your basic kitchen skills and put them to work, preparing a variety of pies, from sweet to savory.

Chef III - It’s Party Time

Create delicious party appetizers and candies that you can make when having a party or get together with friends.

Chef IV - Pasta & Quick Breads

Enjoy learning how to make pasta and quick, simple breads from scratch.

Chef Junior

Ready, Set, Cook! We have revamped Chef Junior to bring you a whole new set of skills that will be sure to have your taste buds watering. Learn to prepare a variety of great foods that you can easily make on your own. Warning, taste testing is a must in this class!

Chef Senior

You’ve learned the basics in Chef Junior, now take your culinary skills to the next level. This advanced class puts a whole new spin on cooking. After taking Chef Senior you will be ready to create meals your entire family will enjoy!

Christmas in June!

Learn to make a variety of Christmas ornaments, decorate cookies, make edible Christmas wreaths, and more.

Claynatomy (11-13 yr. old)

Human Anatomy and Physiology become hands-on subjects with the use of clay and a manikin. Students will build body structures and systems using modeling clay.

Construction Kids (Reno and Rockwell)

Take your creativity to the woodshop and create fun, functional projects. If you want to learn basic carpentry skills and how to safely use hand tools, then Construction Kids is for you!

Cracking the Code

Have you ever wanted to send a secret message? Keeping message information secure has always been a challenge. Students will learn how to build an encryption cypher, along with how to decrypt a cypher or "crack the code".

Creative Web Designer

Take a ride in the exciting field of Web Design. Learn to explore your creative side as you build an interactive web site. You will gain experience using the tools that industry professional use every day to create web sites. Students will upload their web sites to the Internet to showcase their work. This is a fast-paced class. (You must understand how to work on a computer very well).

Cyber Security

Get ready for a fast and furious week of exciting and fun activities that will teach you all about Cybersecurity. Learn defensive measures, cyber ethics and best practices. Put your new skills to use in a virtualized environment and take part in a friendly competition modeled after the Cyberpatriot (the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition).

Digital Designer Level I

Dive into the world of graphic design. Bring your creativity to life as you learn basic skills with Adobe Photoshop. Take pictures of your favorite celebrities and turn them into Martians, create flyers with awesome text graphics, the possibilities are endless. Students should possess basic computer knowledge.

Digital Designer Level II

Take your Photoshop skills from Level I and use your creativity for print design! Using Adobe InDesign, develop your own business card, design a magazine cover, and re-create your favorite movie poster. Prerequisite: Student must complete Digital Designer Level I.

Digital Drawing Techniques

Just like professional animators at PIXAR, learn techniques the pros use for drawing with a tablet. Students will stretch their artistic skills by drawing cartoons, making comics, and learning different styles for characters.

Engineering Adventure

Have you ever wondered how things work? Take an adventure through the world of engineering using various simulations to see just how things come to life. Explore circuits, flight dynamics, energy efficient car designs and more.

Game Development

Playing video games often involves solving tricky problems with logical thinking and trial-and-error strategies. –Just like programming! Learn about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to build browser-based games. Some of the games are easy, others extremely difficult, but they are all fun!


Explore the impolite sciences of the human body. Disgusting topics include burps, blood, bones, and more! Tons of ooey gooey biology for future scientists.

Hero Academy

Create a hero character, develop their characteristics and background story, draw the character, and create a storyboard/comic for a story about your hero.

Introduction to Game Design with Unity

Learn simple game mechanics and interface design as you create a game, add assets, and explore the basics of making it work.

It’s Electric

Electricity is all around us! Learn how electricity is made and its uses. 6 Explore electricity by creating an electric motor. 7 Dive deeper into the world of electricity by using household items such as lemons, limes, and potatoes to make a battery. 8 Finally, put all your new electrical knowledge to use by using learning the fundamentals of hydrogen fuel cell RC vehicles.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Take a journey into the world of video. Find out how to shoot and edit your own videos. Learn the skills that the professionals are using. 0If you enjoy lights, cameras and action, this is the place for you!

Live in 3D

Take your first steps into the world of animation. Many animations you see in the movies or in video games start as a 3D model. Learn to create basic 3D models such as teapots, Minecraft type characters, baseball props just to name a few.

Medicine in the Movies

Discover the exciting world of medicine and health care through hands on projects and correlating movies. Extract your own DNA and learn about genetics while watching Jurassic Park (PG-13). Learn infection control procedures and then see what it would be like to live through a pandemic in Contagion (PG-13). See the effects of head injuries in Concussion (PG-13) and learn about the human brain and neurological system. Geared toward older Quester but open to all ages.

Mission to Mars

This class will first examine the response to NASA’s Journey to Mars challenge from competitors like SpaceX. Students will implement aspects of the Kerbal Space Program to research, build, and fly some of the typical types of rockets that are being considered for the flight to Mars and make a 3-D model of the rocket of their choice using Autodesk Inventor. The class will also research different existing plans for creating a sustainable settlement on Mars and create a model of a Mars habitat. CAD I, CAD II, or previous CAD knowledge is required.

Nature-ally Fun! Fairy Houses and More (ages 11 to 13)

Bring the outdoors inside in this fun, imaginative class and fill your babysitting tool kit with creative ways to incorporate nature into your childcare activities. Make small fairy houses, craft fairy people and accessories, and incorporate ideas for activities designed to help children interact with nature and the outdoors.

Robotics I: The Sumo-Bot (Beginners)

Enter the wonderful of robotics! Students will work in groups of two to design and build robots using Fischertechnik construction sets. From assembling motors, lamps, gears, and switches to photo-sensors your team will create the ultimate Sumo-Bot. Once the building is done, then get ready to compete to see which team has created and programmed the best Sumo-Bot in class.

Robotics II: The Racecar (Beginners)

Build on the programming skills you gained in Robotics I with this fun challenge. The Sumo-Bot was only the beginning. Use the skills it takes to create control systems all around us; elevators, air conditioning, telecommunications, etc. Plus, work on a racecar project and obstacle course. Robotics I, or previous robotics knowledge is recommended, but not required.

Robotics III: Boe-Bots (Intermediate)

In this class the students will develop a basic understanding of electronics, logic and microcontroller programming. The Boe-Bot kit comes with an array of photo sensors and ultrasonic sensors used to detect light, heat, sound and distance. Students will work in groups of two and create robots that will a light, heat source, or your hand, and program their way Boe-Bots to find their way through a maze. Projects will also include interactive competitions between the robots. Robotics I, Robotics II, or previous robotics knowledge is strongly recommended, but not required. Robotics I, Robotics II, or previous robotics knowledge is strongly recommended, but not required.

Robotics IV: VEX Robotics (Advanced) (ages 13 to 15)

The students will work in groups of two with VEX Robotics kits. The students will be introduced to the extensive VEX Hardware and the programming language, RobotC. The students will build a recreational robot vehicle and learn to program it to drive autonomously with closed loop programs using feedback from the sensors. The students will then add a robotic Claw and program the robot to work with a joystick. Finally, the students will compete in a series of challenges against each other using their robots to race and claw their way to first place. Robotics II, Robotics III, or previous VEX robotics knowledge is required.

SCRATCH That Programming Itch (Reno)

SCRATCH is a powerful and fun computer programming language perfect for young people. Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations while exploring logic, creativity, and collaboration.

Special FX for Digital Artists

You’ve seen movies; you’ve played video games now learn the skills that the pros use to give blockbusters their WOW factor. Learn how to create motion graphics that bring their digital art projects to life producing the eye popping, jaw dropping results. Students should possess basic computer skills. This class will focus on the use of Adobe After Effects software.


Do you love art, science, building? Then take a quest exploring art through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). We’ll construct and create a variety of ways to make art, including building art robots, painting with pendulums, and getting messy!

Sweet Creations

Impress your friends and family with your sweet creations. Learn how to decorate cakes using butter cream, royal icing and much more. By the end of this class you will be able to create delicious cakes for any occasion.

Sweet Creations II

Take your cake decorating skills to the next level? In this advanced class students will strengthen the skills they learned in Sweet Creations I. Students will learn a variety of new techniques to create amazing flowers and boarders using royal icing, fondant and gum paste. Prerequisite: Students must first complete Sweet Creations I, No Exceptions.

The Mysteries of Marketing Unmasked

Marketing includes product development, consumer research, and advertising. Explore the field of marketing and the influence it has on our lives. Make a commercial, write a magazine ad, and research and develop a new product.

The Science of Harry Potter

Join us for a week of Harry Potter-inspired learning. From wand making to science-based magic, students will be introduced to a magical world and the science behind it.

Think Outside the Sandbox

Take playing with sand to the next level and learn how to paint with sand and experience sand art in a jar.

Yes, It is Rocket Science

We’ll cover STEM concepts in Physics and Chemistry such as Forces, Vectors, Thermodynamics, Reaction Rates, and Solutions, just to name a few along with computer applications. Activities will include rockets (duh), bridges, mousetrap cars, egg drops, and more. If you enjoy the 3 Bs (building, burning, and blowing stuff up), this class is for you.


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