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Copyright Information

Copyright Information

All images, text, and other content on Francis Tuttle's web site are protected by copyright. For information regarding logo usage and corporate identity, please contact the Marketing Department at 717-4919 or

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Francis Tuttle Logos

The Francis Tuttle Technology Center logo is available for download in different color options and formats.

PC Users: With cursor over link, right-click and select ''Save Target as...'' then save the file to your local hard drive.

Mac Users: With cursor over link, hold down mouse button and choose appropriate command for saving the file.
(Note: Some browsers save files with an eps extension as ps. Please be sure to change the ps extension back to eps before downloading.)

Primary - 4-color: Process purple type

Download File (ZIP 2 mb)

4-color: Process

Download File (ZIP 631 kb)

2-color: PMS 2627(Purple) & 877(Silver)

Download File (ZIP 779 kb)

1-color: Grayscale

Download File (ZIP 579 kb)

1-color: Black

Download File (ZIP 575 kb)

1-color: Reverse

Download File (ZIP 514 kb)

Francis Tuttle BIS Logos

BIS Logo 2-color

Download File (ZIP 1.4 mb)

BIS Logo 1-color

Download File (ZIP 1.4 mb)

BIS Logo 1-color: Grayscale

Download File (ZIP 1.4 mb)

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