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Child Development Center

Recognizing Every Child as a Unique Individual


The Francis Tuttle Child Development Center (CDC) was established as an educational facility for students in the school’s Child Care program. Being a training site, every attempt is made to serve as a model for the students, the children and the community. Through accumulated experiences and knowledge of how children grow and develop, the trained staff members assist both the students and the young children in accomplishing their individual goals.


The CDC provides a loving, educational environment for children ages three through five. It provides a stimulating, challenging and rewarding preschool experience for children. Our philosophy is based on the premise that each child is unique. The approach to learning is to encourage each child to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.


Young children are eager to do and learn. They are developing rapidly and need opportunities to:

  • Feel important, achieve success, initiate ideas, become more independent, and feel good about themselves
  • Develop muscular coordination, physical skills and build strength
  • Develop sound habits of eating, resting, elimination and play
  • Establish a good foundation for health and safety
  • Learn to respond comfortably and happily to peers and adults
  • Grow in the ability to express emotions constructively
  • Appreciate music, art and literature
  • Develop imagination and express ideas, feelings and needs creatively through music, movement, dramatic play, art and language
  • Grow in understanding natural and social environments, and spatial and number relationships
  • Build sound concepts, develop good intellectual habits such as the ability to solve problems, persist in the face of difficulty, concentrate, become absorbed, make choices and think creatively.


The CDC utilizes the learning center approach. Activity within learning centers allows each child to choose areas in which to play. Teachers guide the children according to their individual skill level and interest. The learning centers include:

  • Dramatic Play
  • Large Muscle Activities
  • Small Muscle Toys
  • Games/Blocks
  • Art/Music
  • Sensory Activities
  • Science
  • Math/Language/Library


The CDC is open from 7:00AM – 6:00PM, Monday – Friday.
The center will be open throughout the year. Holidays to be observed will be indicated at the beginning of each school year.
The daily schedule allows the children choices and the security and routines. They have time for breakfast, learning centers and group activities. Outdoor play is scheduled for morning and afternoon. Lunch and nutritious snacks also offer learning opportunities. Naps are included as part of the busy day.
The CDC provides a flexible and relaxed atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on positive reinforcement and encouragement.


Children between the ages of three and five are eligible for the full-day program.
Because more applications are received than there are places to fill, it is advisable that parents apply well in advance of the time they wish the child to attend school.
Priority will be given to full-time Francis Tuttle Employees and Students. Children are enrolled in order of application; however the Center tries to balance the group according to sex, chronological age and maturity levels in order to provide the best environment for your child.


If you would like to apply for the services available through the CDC you can request an application from:

Child Development Center
12777 N. Rockwell Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK. 73142

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