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Event Planning

Services Included

  1. Audio/video equipment, projector and sound system provided
  2. Laptop Connections standard in all rooms
  3. Free Wireless Internet Access in all our event rooms
  4. Podium and microphones are available upon request
  5. Portable Stage available at our Reno campus upon request
  6. Conference call set-up is available in select rooms upon request
  7. Video Conferencing is available in select rooms upon request
  8. Event scheduling up to six months in advance
  9. Room set-up and break down
  10. Complementary Coffee and Water
  11. Event Services Host

Host Services

  1. Greet customers and show guests to scheduled room
  2. Provide audio/video, projector and sound system support
  3. Help set up laptop connections for presentations
  4. Provide coffee and water throughout meeting as desired
  5. On call to answer any questions customers may have during event

All services, including host services, are included with priced room rates.
There are no extra charges for the services we offer.

Event Planning

(405) 717-4730
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