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Reno Campus Construction Project

2018 Reno Construction Rendering

(Architects' Rendering) 

Francis Tuttle’s project on the Reno campus is the first in a series of expansion efforts designed to increase student capacity across the District. As part of the Envision Master Plan, the Reno project will provide:
  • Classroom and shop space to accommodate career training programs, along with career development and personal enrichment courses
  • Identified career training programs, including:
    • Welding – the current welding program located on the Portland campus consistently operates at maximum capacity. The additional space at Reno will allow more students to be served while accommodating growing needs for better-trained welders in the southern part of Francis Tuttle’s district.
    • Advanced Manufacturing – students in this program, currently located on the Portland campus, find their skills are in high demand by employers in many industries, locally and regionally. Expansion of the program on the Reno campus will increase student capacity and address the “skills gap” issue facing Oklahoma businesses.

Explore current activity at the Reno campus construction site