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Full Circle Society
"Francis Tuttle takes great pride in its students and makes every effort to assure they are prepared to be great successes in the workplace. Evidence of that commitment can be measured in the number of students who are selected to be employees. Currently we have over 40 former students employed by the district. To honor these former students we have formed "The Full Circle Society" which recognizes those employees who first became a part of the Francis Tuttle family as a student in a Career Training Program and then made the move to part-time or full-time employment. This special group has a membership unique to other employees at Francis Tuttle as they have come "full circle" by rejoining Francis Tuttle using the skills they first learned as a student."
- Tom Friedemann, Superintendent & CEO

Those employees that are doubly invested in the Francis Tuttle Technology Center and are part of the Full Circle Society are: (in alphabetical order by last name)

  • Sandra Acquaye
  • Belkis Benitez
  • Rachel Bryan
  • Jeanie Buck
  • Ray Cady
  • Debra Cady
  • McQueal Caldwell
  • Callie Chappell
  • Tanffy Chan
  • Vernon Cole
  • Jeremiah Cook
  • Rae Cooper
  • Tracy Cooper
  • Crystal Cosper
  • Brooke Denton
  • Karen Derrick
  • Gayla Douglas
  • Glenda Duncan
  • Angela Ferguson
  • Tiffany Frazier
  • Beth Freeland
  • Keith Freeman
  • Valerie Frye
  • Elizabeth Garcia
  • Gabriela Garza
  • Margot Gonzales
  • Barbara Guinn
  • Carol Hooper
  • Keith Hubble
  • Maria Jimenez
  • Linda Kinder
  • Carrie Knightly
  • Traci Ledford
  • Carol Manos
  • Steffanie McDade
  • Laura Mitchell
  • Michelle Morris
  • Janet Newman
  • Kathryn Nichols
  • Julie Nichols 
  • Kathy Pierce
  • Konne Scott
  • Rick Shaw
  • Retia Smith
  • Julia Southern
  • Matt Stanart
  • Janice Stevenson
  • Sam Stevenson
  • Dzevada Suljevic
  • Autumn Taber
  • Richana Taplin
  • Barbara Teague
  • Esther Tolbert
  • Guillermo Velazquez-Chicas
  • Tomi White
  • Sherri Wood
  • Leah Zachery
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