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History of Purple Duck


Long has Purple Duck been affiliated with Francis Tuttle Technology Center, but few know of his origins. Purple Duck was born into a normal existence, the third of five ducklings, to Ferdinand and Terresse Duck, in a down-lined nest near a wheat field and a small pond in northwest Oklahoma City. Although it is widely known that Purple Duck is his nickname, his given name remains a mystery to this day.

It is clear to even casual observers, however, that his loyalties lie with the school that shepherded him following an initially troubled adolescence and youth. He explored a variety of career areas and has enlightened many through his exploits. Purple is widely known as a behind-the-scenes operator, helping to foster both young people and adults toward a better life.

A myriad of opportunities arose early in Purple’s life when he came of age to explore Francis Tuttle. He had lived near the school since birth, yet did not know the history behind the district. Nor did he realize the multiple career areas in which Francis Tuttle offered training until that day that changed his life forever.


Purple Duck waddled into the Career Planning Center, wide-eyed with disbelief at what his fellow students had told him. He could not believe that a duck of his age could earn such a good living with only a short investment of training time—even completing a program during high school, or entering training at any stage in his life for a few short months, or a year or two!

Purple Duck explored a career assessment tool and talked with an advisor to evaluate his options. He found several occupations that interested him, all showing promise of remaining among high growth industries in the area. You see, The Duck did not necessarily want to leave far from the nest where he had grown up. On the other web, he could prepare himself for future opportunities in many areas of the United States and even around the world, if he so desired to spread his wings.

As Purple Duck realized the many opportunities available to him, he asked to see for himself what was happening in the classrooms and labs. He waddled through the buildings, visiting programs and asking many questions along the way. As a duck, Purple was quite adaptable to changing environments, but the variety still amazed him! The laboratories looked just like what he saw at workplaces wherever he had flown. This was real world!

As Purple’s quack was not the strongest of his family, he asked if there were public speaking opportunities to help build his confidence. Purple found that every program offered opportunities for leadership development and public speaking. In fact, it is encouraged, but not required, to join student organizations that offer many career-building skills!


Purple Duck had to ask—why is the school named Francis Tuttle Technology Center, and who was Francis Tuttle? A short explanation was that Dr. Tuttle was a world-renowned career and technology educator who had a far-reaching vision for the State of Oklahoma. Naming the school after this man seemed a natural to those involved in creating the district. Early on, Dr. Tuttle himself was involved in helping to shape the school, in what was once a wide-open wheat field near a small pond in northwest Oklahoma City.

Hearing that, Purple had a vision of his past. He recalled floating with his siblings in a pond that sounded a lot like where he had grown up!


Throughout his life, Purple Duck was involved in students’ lives. Several of them gathered for a roast recently, and had some interesting things to say about the one they call "Purple":

“I was in an Internet Technologies class with Purple Duck,” said one.

Another commented, “My time with Purple was in Automotive Service Technology. He influenced me to pursue further education, and now I have a college degree and my own business.”

One added, “I was just about to drop out of high school until I met Purple Duck. He suggested I look at some of the programs at Francis Tuttle. I started out in Health Sciences, and now am a Respiratory Therapist.”


What makes Purple Duck such an outstanding ambassador for career training? Perhaps it is because he found a niche for himself. Maybe he felt that he was treated as a grown duck, though just a teenager. Or, he may have realized that a satisfying job is just a short time frame away.

Whatever Purple Duck’s motivation, he has traveled the world looking at education programs and has not found one like Francis Tuttle. Even halfway around the globe, Purple was able to complete a class online at francistuttle.edu. Purple Duck realized long ago that continuing his education was a key to a successful life. Finding a career that you can enjoy and exploring new subjects like those offered as Adult and Career Development classes at Francis Tuttle keep him motivated to be the best that he can be.

Purple Duck has many tales he likes to break out from time to time, but his favorites involve Francis Tuttle in some way.

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