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“This program and facility needs to be celebrated by everyone in the state.” Chef Marc Dunham

District 21 is a truly exceptional, evening dining experience. You’ll be immersed in the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of culinary art at its best.

District 21 is designed for students to complete internships after they finish the Culinary Arts program at Francis Tuttle. The restaurant is unique because it gives students a real work experience, allowing them to develop as potential employees that are dependable, extremely bright, and always anxious to learn more.

We’re training the next generation of cooks for the region’s culinary field, honing their skills by using the best curriculum, facilities and faculty available.

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14 Apr 2015

John Madore

Executive Chef John Madore became interested in cooking at a very young age. Fostering his passion was his great grandmother, Mamie, who taught him how to show love through food and the delicate art of cooking. Following his interest, Chef John began working as soon as he could, taking a variety of cooking jobs at both corporate and privately-owned restaurants.

After graduating from high school, John enlisted in the United States Navy and was stationed aboard the USS Enterprise. Upon honorable discharge, John moved to Florida and took a job at Hop’s Micro Brewery & Restaurant in Jacksonville Florida. Honing his professional skills as a prep cook, garde manager and eventually working his way to the line, Chef John recognized his desire to cook professionally and began studying all aspect of restaurant operations.

Moving to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with a friend, John was hired at the Herr Tavern & Publick House where he began studying fine dining from both the front and back of house perspectives. Afforded the opportunity to concurrently manage and cook, Chef John developed a holistic understanding of how restaurants operate.

Upon his return to Oklahoma, John enrolled in the culinary arts program at Platt College and worked at a host of locally-owned restaurants. In 2010, John accepted the position of nighttime sauté cook at Picasso Café and made several advancements to eventually become the Executive Chef in February 2011. Since that time John has continued to grow and develop into one of Oklahoma City’s most diversified and skilled restaurant professionals.

In his free time Chef John enjoys interacting with fellow chefs, wine and, of course, cooking. He lives with his fiancée, Shaheen and their almost one-year-old son, Jude.

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19 May 2015

Mark Brown

Passionate, driven, and innovative, Chef Mark Brown, CEC, CCA, AAC has developed his art over the past 25 years next to some of the most talented professional chefs of modern times. Classically apprenticed at the Fort Wayne Country Club, while working beside three masters of their craft, Brown honed time honored traditional cooking skills, while perfecting modern cooking techniques.

Born and raised in the Midwest and living throughout the East Coast, Brown developed a yearning for a more local approach to cooking. Fresh ingredients and artisanal products have inspired him to extract the best experience from any culinary product.

Brown’s cooking ideology returns to a more simple time. He believes that local food from a farmer that has a stake in the end product, yields higher quality food with more nutrients and flavor. Fundamental and modern cooking techniques help evolve the cuisine to an art where the simple flavors of "place" are not overpowered by the fads of "now." Chef Brown’s philosophy of purchasing food locally, yet involving great ingredients from around the world, inspires his passion for the food in front of him and the people around him.

Joining the Oklahoma City Golf Club in time for the 2014 season, Chef Brown believes wholeheartedly in the mission statement he has set for the culinary team to create great cuisine where the flavors and ingredients speak for themselves. A desire to be the best as a chef, manager, and cook has lead Chef Brown to drive himself and his team to present members and their guests with the best dining experience around.

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Upcoming Guest Chef dates

The Francis Tuttle School of Culinary Arts restaurant, District 21, is turning up the heat on the Oklahoma City dining scene as several top chefs mentor the school's students during its 2015 Guest Chef Dinner Series.

  • April 14th, 2015
    John Madore
    Executive Chef at Picasso Café
  • May 19th, 2015
    Mark Brown
    Executive Chef at Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club

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