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Student Organizations
Student organizations are available to all Francis Tuttle students enrolled in Career Training Programs. Francis Tuttle will pay your organizational dues if you are enrolled in a Career Training Program.

Although participation is optional, it is highly encouraged. Through these organizations you can learn valuable leadership skills, interpersonal skills and soft skills. You may also earn:
  • College and continuing education scholarships
  • Job-related skills
  • Monetary awards
  • Media recognition
  • Valuable networking contacts
By participating in a respective organization, you will have a number of opportunities to get involved. Francis Tuttle local chapters:
  • Elect officers
  • Hold fund-raising events
  • Participate in regular meetings
  • Attend seminars and special events
  • Sponsor booths at school carnivals
  • Campaign for an election officer on the district, regional, state or national level
  • Compete in local, district, regional, state, and national skill events

Additionally, you will be able to develop additional leadership abilities through contests such as:

  • Speech
  • Job Interview
  • Team contests
  • Parliamentary Procedure/Opening & Closing ceremonies
  • Quiz bowls
  • Job skill demonstrations
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