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Our goal is to offer quality programs while taking every precaution to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all students, faculty and staff.

With these objectives in mind, we have announced plans for the 2020-2021 school year regarding: school operations, health and safety, program delivery, and student support. Scroll down to see the information below that provides key details for students and information on district operations. Additional information will be provided by the student's specific program during orientation.

Students: Visit the Student Guidelines page for specific information about on-campus learning procedures.

(Published: August 13, 2020)


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Return to Learn Instructional Plan (printer friendly version)

For additional resources, please visit the COVID-19 Updates page.

Reminder: We now have a chat service for anyone who has additional questions related to COVID-19 and the Francis Tuttle response. Just click the "Talk to us" button at the bottom right of this page and ask away!

School Safety Protocols

The following protocols were recommended by the Oklahoma State Board of Education for Oklahoma public schools to determine the most appropriate modes of instruction throughout the 2020-21 school year. These recommendations will play a prominent role in Francis Tuttle's decision making for the delivery of instruction throughout the school year.

Current Level:

Orange 1: Move to Alt. Schedules (A/B, Rotations, Hybrid)


Threshold guide:

  Color / Threshold Recommended Action
  Green: 0 - 1.43 cases per 100,000 In-person instruction with safety protocols
  Yellow: 1.43 - 14.339 cases per 100,000 In-person instruction with safety protocols
  Orange 1: 14.39 - 25 cases per 100,000 Move to Alt. Schedules (A/B, Rotations, Hybrid)
  Orange 2: 25-50 cases per 100,000 Transition to
Distance Learning
  Red: 50 or more cases per 100,000 Close Buildings, Provide Distance Learning


Current protocol:

  Hybrid (Partner School Aligned)
Adult Students In-person instruction with program-by-program flexibility for a portion of the program's curriculum to be completed online.
High school students In-person and distance learning days aligned with student's home high school schedule. Individual programs may permit in-person attendance 5 days per week if the director of the program can accommodate the health and safety protocols
Infusion / Gateway to Technology Mixture of in-person instruction and distance learning that mirrors partner school attendance and distance learning days.
Project HOPE In-person or distance learning delivery for the HOPE academic and career training curriculum will be determined by the instructional director of the program.
Financial Aid Follow U.S. Department of Education guidance.
Transportation High school students needing bus transportation to and from Francis Tuttle will follow the transportation plan and safety guidelines provided by their high school.


School Operations

Francis Tuttle will determine the mode of instructional delivery for the 2020-21 school year based upon recommendations from the CDC, Oklahoma State Department of HEalth, and the Oklahoma State Department of Education's School Safety Protocols. Each program will have the ability to provide some flexibility in accordance with the Mode of Instruction (In-person Flex, Hybrid, Distance Learning, or Traditional) that is active at the time. 

Francis Tuttle will be following the traditional school calendar and normal morning, afternoon, and evening session start and end times. Regular classes will begin on August 17. Some adult programs may have a different start date. Please refer to your specific program information for more details.

High school students who will be riding a bus to and from their high school should do so according to the details provided by the mode of instructional delivery (In-Person Flex, Hybrid, Distance Learning, or Traditional). Students will follow the transportation schedule and health & safety guidelines provided by their district.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Francis Tuttle will follow the best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Oklahoma County Health Department

As part of the district's responsibility to keep students and employees safe, the following protocols will be implemented for daily on-site instruction:

  • Daily temperature checks of students, faculty, and staff upon arrival
  • Face coverings will be required
  • Social distancing (at least 6-feet between individuals) will be emphasized
  • Regular cleaning of learning environments, labs, and restroom facilities   
  • Students who have traveled out-of-state must report this information to their instructor and self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to an in-person class.  Students who are on quarantine due to out-of-state travel will continue to participate in their program through distance learning.  

In addition, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and to use the many hand sanitizer stations strategically placed in campus buildings.

In the event a positive COVID-19 case has been identified on campus, the following will take place:

  • That individual with a positive test will remain away from all campuses and self-isolate for a period no less than 10 calendar days.
  • Contact tracing will occur and anyone who has had close contact (within 6 feet for a period of 15 minutes or more) with someone positive for COVID-19 will stay home for 14 days after the time of suspected exposure. This is based on the time it takes for the illness to develop.
  • Francis Tuttle Technology Center will also require students with exposure that occurred off campus to self-isolate for 14 calendar days after the last exposure occurred.

Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 or has COVID-19 symptoms may return to school:

  • No fewer than 10 calendar days from the time that symptoms first appeared


  • Three days without a fever
  • Three days of improved or absent respiratory symptoms


  • Two consecutive negative COVID-19 tests, given 24 hours apart, would also indicate that a student may return to school. The negative test results should be provided to the district upon the student's return.

Program Delivery

Francis Tuttle teachers and instructional leaders will be communicating with students prior to the beginning of school to provide a comprehensive orientation.

Students will have the opportunity to complete a questionnaire before the start of class. Information from this questionnaire will be used by Francis Tuttle instructional leaders and teachers to develop a Personalized Learning Plan for each student. The Personalized Learning Plans represent our commitment to ensure each student has the opportunity to be successful.

The Canvas learning management system will be used by teachers to communicate program-related items, deliver curriculum, and create a positive and supporting learning community. Additionally, Canvas will be used for welcoming students to Francis Tuttle before the start of school in August.

Our attendance policy will be revised for the 2020-2021 school year to accommodate the unique circumstances and challenges brought on by the pandemic. These changes will be communicated to students (and parents if applicable) in detail before the start of class. Attendance and curriculum progress requirements for adult students receiving federal financial aid will also be explained before the start of class.

The hands-on aspects of our programs remain a vital component for students to develop skills and demonstrate proficiency. Labs will continue to be a focal point of our programs and we will be taking precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of students and teachers.

Licensing programs have unique requirements for hands-on training at clinical sites. We are working with the licensure governing boards and our clinical partners to ensure students have the opportunity to participate in these critically important worksite experiences and complete their programs.

Student Support

We maintain a comprehensive list of resources to assist students with the completion of their program. 

Additional resources may be available through counselors. Contact the counselor for your program for more details.

Students will have the opportunity to complete a support questionnaire before the start of class. Information from the questionnaire will be used by Francis Tuttle instructional leaders and teachers to develop a Personalized Support Plan for each student. The personalized support plans represent our commitment to ensure that each student has the support they need to be successful.

Many of our programs are eligible for federal financial aid. We provide guidelines for adult students receiving federal financial aid during the 2020-21 school year.

Francis Tuttle will be prepared to transition to distance learning format should the need arise. The student surveys will be used to ensure we have the technology necessary to support students during a transition to a distance-learning format.

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Student Guidelines

Specific information to help students navigate the Return to Learn process

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COVID-19 Emergency Grant

The COVID-19 Emergency Grant is available to qualifying adult students.

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