Francis Tuttle 2021-22 Learning Plan

COVID-19 Pandemic guidelines for the current school year

The health, safety and well-being of students, staff and clients is a priority for Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

Francis Tuttle will regularly consult with local health officials to ensure current protective guidelines are in place and followed throughout the school year. Guidelines for contact tracing, testing, isolation, quarantine, sanitation, and dealing with unanticipated COVID-19 related outbreaks are in place to ensure health, safety, and well-being of faculty, staff, and clients. Caution is essential and all Francis Tuttle students must monitor their health daily and respond appropriately to any signs or symptoms of infectious disease.

If a student identifies symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (see table below), they are asked to privately notify the district using the email Francis Tuttle's safety specialist will complete the Contact Tracing Form and notify the parents/guardians of all students with possible exposure for further guidance and recommendations.

Plan Info

Classes will be held in person and will be in session five days per week.

*Some programs follow a different calendar. Refer to your program information for specific details.

The wearing of masks is highly recommended in spaces where it is difficult to social distance.

COVID-19 vaccinations are highly encouraged.

*Health programs will clinical rotations have more stringent requirements. Please refer to the requirements given by your specific health program.

Francis Tuttle's safety specialist will keep records and report all COVID-19 positive cases to local health officials. We will follow local health official guidelines for social distancing, self-monitoring, isolation, quarantine, and remove versus in-person attendance if a student tests positive for COVID-19.


Note: If on-campus cases rise significantly, we will implement more restrictive protocols.

COVID-19 Positive Test

A person who tests positive for COVID -19 must isolate for 10 days and may return to school on day 11 as long as they are symptom-free for the previous 24 hours.


If a person is exposed to another person who is positive for COVID-19, we recommend the following:

  • If a non-vaccinated person is exposed to another person who is positive for COVID-19

- Quarantine from school for 10 days and return on day 11, or;

- Receive a negative test on days 5, 6, or 7 and return on day 8

  • People who are fully vaccinated do NOT need to quarantine after contact with someone who had COVID-19, unless they have symptoms. However, fully vaccinated people should get tested 3-5 days after their exposure, even if they do not have symptoms, and wear a mask indoors in public for 14 days following exposure or until they receive a negative test result.


If a person feels ill or sick, we ask that they please stay home until they are feeling better. If a person is symptomatic, we recommend the following:

- Stay home from school until you are symptom-free for at least 24 hours.

- The medical provider recommends returning to school.

  • If a POSITIVE COVID-19 test is received, then the individual must isolate from school from 10 days from the date of the positive test or the onset of symptoms, which ever came first.

Assessing Symptomatic Persons for COVID-19

Testing is recommended when:

  • A person displays 1 "A" symptom OR
  • A person displays 3 "B" symptoms
"A" Symptoms "B" Symptoms
Fever >= 100.4 F Nasal Congestion/
Stuffy Nose
Sore Throat Runny Nose
Cough Muscle/Body Aches
Difficulty Breathing Fatigue
Diarrhea or Vomiting Chills
New Loss of Taste or Smell Nausea
  Loss of Appetite

Elevated Temperature
< 100.4 F

  New Onset of
Severe Headache