Cisco, Cyber and Network Security, Computer Repair and Enterprise Network Security

Cyber Security and Network Defense

Learn to keep our computer networks and cyber world secure!

Note: As we continue to monitor and adjust our schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot guarantee immediate placement into a program for adult students. There is a waitlist for those who are not immediately placed.

As technology and the Internet grow, security of information systems within our personal and professional lives become more and more likely to be compromised. Students acquire the knowledge and skills to provide and maintain the level of security that the modern world demands, and they’ll have the opportunity to learn about how the Internet of Things (IoT) impacts the world of information systems and the new security threats that will need to be dealt with on such new technology.


Employment Opportunities

Banks, Cisco Partners, E-Commerce Providers, Government Agencies, Government Contractors, Educational Facilities, including Public and Private schools, Insurance Companies, Hospitals

Cyber Security and Network Defense Majors

About this Occupation

In this program, strong problem solving skills are essential. Successful professionals generally enjoy solving problems, are detail oriented, and are open to continuing their education and developing new skills throughout their career. Strong reading skills and the ability to follow detailed directions are also important.