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Francis Tuttle's Cyber Ducks eSports (electronic sports) program takes video gaming to another level with organized, multi-player competitive gameplay between teams, much like traditional sports, with its own governance and rules. eSports is a new and exciting sport that provides a gateway to colleges and universities, along with growing employment opportunities in eSports-related careers.

Francis Tuttle offers organized eSports as an extracurricular activity to all high school students, with adult students eligible to play in select tournaments and events, all with a purpose to provide opportunity for FT students to participate in organized eSports, promoting social interactions, team collaboration and career opportunities. Students will participate in the High School eSports League. Fundraisers will help support the cost of all league fees.

Hundreds of eSports programs offer tens of millions of dollars of eSports scholarships. Growing employment opportunities in eSports include broadcasting, marketing, graphic design, multimedia production, shoutcasting, coaching, game testing, management, and law. While jobs in many career fields have decreased due the pandemic, jobs in eSports continue to be on the rise due to its flexibility of being supported remotely.

ESports helps students learn valuable skills that will serve them throughout their life, including:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Planning/goal setting
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Sense of community
  • Collaboration
  • Character development
  • Management of success and failure
  • Time management

eSports participants may compete either remotely or on-site in a designated gaming space, the "War Room," on the Rockwell Campus in the IT building, Room B1110. The War Room contains equipment for practice, league competition and open play. Remote participants may use their own equipment.

The Cyber Ducks team will have the following games available:
·         Overwatch
·         Rocket League
·         Super Smash Bros: Ultimate
·         Hearthstone
·         NBA 2K21
·         Minecraft: Survival Games
·         Valorant
·         10 Minute Chess

Download the Francis Tuttle eSports Handbook

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