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Welcome to FT 24/7, the online channel that provides you with the 21st Century tools to promote business growth.

FT 24/7

FT 24/7 transcends leadership development by delivering relevant content for every job function throughout your organization. It is available any time you need it and fits any work schedule, and it promotes healthy communication for your whole team — top-to-bottom — with targeted content for any personality type.

Take part in courses that help boost leadership skills and improve your technical career expertise. FT 24/7 materials enable you to guide your team through critical conversations, breaking down communication barriers by showing you how others receive information.

If you are interested in workforce leadership training on the leading edge of the industry, contact us at 247@francistuttle.edu about a FT 24/7 plan that fits your needs.

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FT 24/7 Sprints

Sprints are topical, short-term training courses designed for evolving workplaces. Click below to see a full list of available Sprints, and then view FT 24/7 courses to sign up!


Sept. 8 - “Know Yourself, Lead Yourself” led by Krista Scammahorn

Sept. 22 - “The Power of Your Voice” led by Krista Scammahorn

Oct. 6 - “Customer Service Masterclass” led by Allyson McElroy

Oct. 20 - “The Art of Collaboration” led by Krista Scammahorn

Oct. TBD - “Transitioning to A Career in Aerospace” by Nick Powell

Nov. 10 - “Don’t Eat That Donut” led by Traci Saor

Nov. TBD - “Not Everything Is An Email” led by Krista Scammahorn

Dec. 8 - “Beyond Words” led by Anna Irwin

Dec. TBD - “Making Magic Happen” led by Allyson McElroy


Jan. TBD - “Building Resilience” led by Tom Massey

Jan. TBD - “Do We Have to Get Along?” led by Krista Scammahorn

Feb. TBD - “Leading Through Chaos” by Allyson McElroy

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