Oil and Gas Certifications

Energy (PetroTech)

Enter Oklahoma's leading industry through hands-on training classes and PetroTech certifications

Learn the skills to enter the oil and gas industry or grow in your current role. These classes focus on equipment operation and maintenance.

Individual classes are available for Vibration Diagnosis, Diesel Engine After Treatment, Drive Axles, Twin Disc Clutches, and Power Takeoffs.


Through cooperation with the Oklahoma Energy Resource Board (OERB), PetroTech provides opportunities to apply skills to the oil and gas industry or advance your career. Mini-certifications can be completed in 10-12 months. Classes are scheduled to fit the schedules of working professionals, with evening and online classes available.

Certifications available include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Geological Tech
  • Engineering Tech

Visit OERB.com/petrotech to learn more and register.

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