Cost to Attend

You will find the tuition costs at Francis Tuttle Technology Center to be among the lowest in the state, and the nation. To assist you in paying for your tuition, we provide scholarship and financial aid opportunities (for those who qualify).

Tuition Policy for Career Training

Tuition for Francis Tuttle Technology Center career training programs is $2.20 per clock hour times the number of hours in the student's career major. For example, if the career major has 1,000 hours, tuition is $2,200.

Payment Options

It is the student’s responsibility to pay their tuition or make financial arrangements prior to the start of their program. Students have several options:

  • Pay Tuition in Full
  • Approved federal student aid or scholarship. Information on federal student aid and scholarships.
  • Students who receive outside funding that covers their tuition should notify the cashier at 405.717.4224.
  • Students may also set up a payment plan – with a required down payment. Please contact the cashier for more information.

Out-of-State Tuition Policy

Students from out of state are charged $4.40 per clock hour times the number of hours in the student’s career major. Please note that once students are on out-of-state tuition, they will remain on out-of-state tuition. If the student changes to a new career major, the student may request a change with their advisor to the in-state tuition rate.

Tuition Adjustments for Withdrawals

Students who withdraw prior to the last one-fourth (1/4) of their career major are only responsible for paying for the hours they were scheduled to attend prior to their withdrawal. For example, if a student was enrolled in a 1000-hour career major and withdraws after she was scheduled to complete 600 hours, the student would be credited for 400 hours.

Tuition for 1,000 hours                  $2,200
Minus tuition for 600 hours           $1,320
Credit for 400 hours                        $880

There will not be tuition adjustment for students withdrawing in the last one-fourth (1/4) of their career major.

Students who complete their career major early are not charged a withdrawal fee. There is not a tuition adjustment for early completion.

For more information regarding tuition payment options, please call the Cashier at 405.717.4224, or contact us via email at

The cost of an education may include some direct and indirect costs. The costs for tuition, books, and supplies can be found on the webpage for the student's chosen career major. For federal student aid purposes, the Financial Aid Office estimates the additional indirect costs to determine the student’s total cost of attendance:

  • Food and housing for a student living without a parent: $1061/month
  • Food and housing for a student living with a parent: $265/month
  • Transportation: $216/month
  • Personal care: $688/month

These costs are based on the average living expenses as determined by College Board.