A set of gears labeled strategy, mission, vision, and plan

Strategic Goals

Every year, Francis Tuttle reviews and accordingly adjusts its Strategic Goals. Below is the list of goals for the 2022-23 school year.



The Strategic Goals for FY23 were development by each department to support growth in areas of communication, feedback and relationships.


  • Between October 2022 and May 2023 at least one marketing representative will attend at least one team meeting for each of the 13 departments.

Student Administrative Services (R & R/Attendance & FA)

  • Thee team will gather each month for an interactive team-building activity to increase office morale, build relationships, and improve the district culture. Each team member is committed to attending at least 70% of the activities.

Facility Development

  • Through May 2023, Facility Development will hold at least one team meeting each month to build team unity, discuss file folder organization and status of S.O.P. development.

Facility Management

  • Through May 2023, Facility Management will hold one all team meeting per month and each team member will meet with FM Director at least once monthly for a 1-on1 meeting. We will have one team retreat and have monthly social events to build team unity and communication.


  • Through May 2023, Culinary will implement a weekly stand-up meeting to discuss daily business, concerns and celebrations. Chef will communicate applicable information with satellite campuses who will have stand-up meetings at their site.

IT Programs

  • Provide at least 15 well-being support activities for IT staff and students between October 1, 2022 and May 20, 2023.


  • By end of school year 70% participation of staff in Reno Campus main events and have representation at 50% of the District Capstone Events. Create QR codes to track staff participation and results will be presented throughout the school year to show progress.


  • By May 2023, improve communication with students at Rockwell Campus by utilizing the CPC Canvas Course at least once per month to push out pertinent personal, social, academic, and career information.


  • By May 2023, increase applications in CSA-RK program by 20% over the previous year by broadening the target audience across the district by partnering with other FTTC departments.


  • Will participate in 2 campus-wide community service projects during the 22-23 school year.


  • By May 2023, Finance team will document and communicate at least two key processes to facilitate understanding of district finance requirements and procedures.

Institutional Research

  • Develop the new WED monthly report/dashboard including each of the data elements below in Tableau by February 2023.


  • A T&I Advisory group will meet monthly to focus on providing solutions based on feedback from the team. As a result of these meetings, the team will make 3 effective changes for this school year.


  • Communicate with internal and external customers by utilizing departmental tools within 48 business hours of ticket submission to effectively meet customer needs and expectations.    

Health Sciences

  • Streamline communication utilizing Microsoft Teams, Survey and notify of Monthly Themes in Teams, Post about upcoming events on Teams, communicate with HSC Team through Microsoft Teams, Communicate personal wellness activity through Teams.


  • Two times per school year, each career program and operational division will collect input from internal customers (students & staff) and use it to develop or enhance at least one decision making process.   


  • Create a process map with roles and assignments in order to increase clarity and accountability, by May 2023.


  • Meet with 7 teams across the district to do Q&A for any HR questions/concerns they may have by May 2023.