Strategic Goals 2021-2022

Strategic Goals

Every year, Francis Tuttle reviews and accordingly adjusts its Strategic Goals. Below is the list of goals for the 2021-22 school year.


New Economy

  •  Boost awareness of the New Economy for faculty, staff, and businesses by offering two internal training sessions for employees and hosting two workshops for external clients.

Marketing Plan

  • Create customer personas, journey maps, and service blueprints for all customer types including middle school, high school, and adult students, as well as corporate clients and open enrollment customers.

Flexible Delivery

  • Create flexible delivery options for adult students for the top ten programs on the waitlist.

Work-based Learning

  • Create work-based learning opportunities for each student in every program, including mock interviews, on-the-job training, internships, and real-world projects from business and industry.

Career Awareness Education

  • Offer career awareness activities to parents, students, and counselors to all middle schools and a minimum of 10 elementary schools from our partner school districts.


  • Provide support activities for the top three well-being needs of staff and students. 

District-wide Collaboration

  • Collaborate between teams on at least 2 projects for each of the three industry sectors including manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare. 

Commitment to Core Values

  • Engage all staff in education and activities that support the core values of Service, Trust, Aspiration, Respect, and Responsibility. 

Economic Development

  • Francis Tuttle will identify the top three key commercial sites in the Deer Creek community for economic development attraction.