Administration and Leadership Team

Francis Tuttle Technology Center administrative officers and leadership team:

Superintendent/CEO Dr. Michelle Keylon

Dr. Michelle Keylon (bio)
Superintendent / CEO 

Associate Superintendent Dr. Jaared Scott

Dr. Jaared Scott (bio)
Associate Superintendent 

Assistant Superintendent Mark Pierce

Mark Pierce         (bio)
Assistant Superintendent

CFO/District Treasurer Carol Fadaiepour

Carol Fadaiepour (bio)
CFO/District Treasurer


Sherry Adrian

Director, Information Technology Programs

Stacie Maple

Director, Reno Campus

Denton Blevins

Director, Trade and Industrial Programs

Cody Mosley

Director, Workforce and Economic Development

Jennie Croslin

Director, Health Science Programs

Shari Parish

Director, Human Resources

Jay Evans

Director, Facility Management and Development

Tim Perdue

Director, Career Planning Center

Dr. Billy Gaston

Director, Information Technology Services

Khaaliq Salim

Director, Danforth Campus/Offsite Programs/HOPE

Ken Koch

Director, Marketing and Communications

Dr. Millie Weatherford

Campus Administrator

Dr. Audrey Lee

Director, Portland Campus