FAQs for Elementary Student Parents

Answers to some common questions asked by parents of elementary students

Frequently Asked Questions:



Keep your elementary student interested and motivated to learn with fun, hands-on activities that incorporate simple math and science (building blocks, puzzles, number or word games, etc.).

Classes which may benefit your elementary student include any based in technology, science, and math, along with the arts, and gifted and talented programs. Once they're in middle school (typically 11-14), Francis Tuttle's Summer Quest classes are excellent introductory programs that will engage and challenge them to explore.

Good grades will help better prepare any student for their future, though average grades will not necessarily eliminate them from their pursuits when coupled with a high interest in learning.

Interest in learning is the key, along with good attendance and limited discipline issues. All are pluses for students who may be interested in training programs to prepare them for their futures.