Film Industry Training

Prepare yourself for an exciting career working on set and supporting the local industry

Take your knowledge to the set and screen with classes designed for the booming film industry.

You receive instruction from industry professionals who know how your skills can be honed for work on the sets of movies and television shows. And once you've completed the training, the same instructors serve as connections to get you hired quickly.

Current Class Offerings:

  • Intro to Makeup in Film (in partnership with Prairie Surf ): This class provides you with a basic understanding of what it's like for a makeup artist on the set of a major motion picture.
  • Film 101 (in partnership with FEIO): Get ready to enter the exciting, fast-paced world of film and television production with this engaging introductory course.

Previous Class Offerings (in partnership with Prairie Surf ):

  • Film Art Department Boot Camp: Complete overview of set design, construction, and prop creation.
  • Food Styling: Discover the artistry of preparing a culinary delight for films, shows, or your own food blog and social media.
  • Production Accounting: This class helps you learn all the facets of film, and tv accounting from industry professionals.

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