Film and Music Industry Training

Take your knowledge to the film set or to the music studio with classes designed to help you succeed in Oklahoma’s film and music industries!

Francis Tuttle Film & Music

You will receive instruction from industry professionals who can help connect you to jobs or help you strike out on a creative path of your own.

Current Class Offerings:

  • Basics of Audio Engineering (with Stephen Salewon): Want to get a beginner's understanding of Audio Engineering? This class will discuss the basics of recording: room treatment, gain settings, types of microphones, audio interfaces, and their functionalities.
  • Screenwriting Intensive For Beginners and Intermediates (with Ben Richardson): By the end of this class, each student should not only learn the foundational elements of screenwriting but they will end the class with a completed screenplay.
  • Location 102 (with Luke Helms): Building roads, blowing up buildings, helicopter stunts, and car crashes: learn the finer things about location work and how to keep it all safe while keeping the danger and excitement on screen.
  • Film Festival Submissions and Strategy (with Ben Richardson): This class focuses on the next steps of what to do with your project (short, feature, web series, etc.)-the ins and outs of the film festival platforms out there, how to sign up, how to get your film accepted, and then the immense amount of strategy that goes into successfully getting your film noticed and raise your presence as a filmmaker.
  • How to Make a Short Film From Development to Distribution (with Ben Richardson): This class takes students through each step of the filmmaking process per night--Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution.
  • Music Business for the Modern-Day Musician (with Maggie McClure): Being a musician in 2024 is not just about making music. You must also be business savvy to get your music out there and gain momentum! In this workshop, we will cover topics such as marketing for musicians, ways to take advantage of social media as a musician, video production as it relates to music, how to promote your music/yourself as an artist, communicating/pitching via email with music supervisors or licensing companies, as well as answer the question, “I made an album-now what do I need to do?!” and more!

Stay tuned for upcoming classes!

  • Songwriting

Previous Class Offerings:

  • Film Industry Fundamentals (formerly Film 101, with Ben Richardson): Get ready to enter the exciting, fast-paced world of film and television production with this engaging introductory course.
  • Intro to Makeup in Film: This class provides you with a basic understanding of what it's like for a makeup artist on the set of a major motion picture.
  • Dolly Grip Clinic: Have you ever wanted to be right in the action on a film set? In this class, you’ll learn how to level track, perform dolly moves, and assist the camera department.
  • Film Art Department Boot Camp: Complete overview of set design, construction, and prop creation.
  • Food Styling: Discover the artistry of preparing a culinary delight for films, shows, or your own food blog and social media.
  • Entertainment Payroll: Just like everything in the film industry, payroll has its own unique flavor. This class will help you learn the ins and outs of payroll in the entertainment business before you apply for the job.
  • Foundations of Set Painting for Film (with Megan Buchanan): Set the stage with your creativity.  In this hands-on class, you will learn the basic skills needed to work as a scenic painter in the film industry.
  • Intro to Film Transportation (with Justin Clenard): This hands-on course introduces you to the specific skills vital to working in a Transportation Department for film and television. You’ll learn everything from industry-specific terminology to setting up a proper basecamp as well as integral set protocols.
  • Location Scouting and Management (with Luke Helms): This course teaches you how to be that master planner. Learn about city permitting, utility regulations, interdepartmental regulations, and everything that goes into organizing a film project.
  • Career Paths in Today’s Music Business: Music industry pros Patrick Conlon, Christina Giacona, and Maggie McClure will share their real-life experiences and dive into the various career paths that exist in today's music business. This workshop is for anyone interested in the many careers that exist in the Music/Entertainment industry: Artist, Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Producer, Engineer, Management, Booking, etc.

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