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2D Animation and Concept Art

(This program was formerly known as 2D Animation and Character Design)

Tell a story or promote an idea through character animation, illustration, motion media and visual effects.


Unleash the potential of your imagination while learning the best design and illustration techniques. You'll learn how to use the latest industry tools and hone the skills required to launch your career in the creative fields of television or film production, video game design, and any future occupation that utilizes digital illustration and animation.

Use a variety of digital tools to bring life to your characters and personalities on a computer screen: Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets, Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony, and Storyboard Pro, Illustrator, After Effects, Apple iPads and Pencils, Procreate, Autodesk Maya, and Cinema 4D. A hands-on classroom setting gives you the ability to create your own portfolio and explore your creative abilities, and instructors are on-hand for one-on-one interaction to provide a high level of support and skills growth. Students are encouraged to look beyond their current skill level and explore new possibilities for their future career success.

Interested high school students will have the opportunity to earn AP class credit at their high school and prepare an AP portfolio that could earn them college art credit. 


Sherry Adrian

  • Director, I.T. Programs
  • 405.717.4232
  • 12777 N Rockwell, Oklahoma City, OK 73142

Christina Rosas-Ward

  • Director, Reno Campus
  • 405.717.4222
  • 7301 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127


Employment Opportunities

Printing companies, photography studios, public relations/marketing firms, advertising companies, internal graphic departments, self-employment, film and television production companies, video game developers, oil and gas, military, law enforcement, companies with internal animation and illustration departments.

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2D Animation and Concept Art Majors

About this Occupation

Animation, illustration and character design require creativity, innovation, artistic aptitude, and strong math skills. Experience with studio art, an understanding of stage lighting, and the ability to draw are also important. For character illustrators, an interest/aptitude in anatomy, life science and geometry is also valuable. Industry tools change at an incredible pace, so a commitment to lifelong learning and the ability to adapt are important for success. Deadlines are important, as is the ability to analyze and solve problems quickly.


Projected growth in job opportunities for multimedia artists over next decade

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Kristen Harris

2D Animation and Concept Art Instructor

Kristen Harris, 2D Animation Instructor, enjoys sharing her love of 2D art, storytelling, and animation with like-minded artists in the classroom and equipping them to make a living with creative and technical skills. As a freelance artist, she spent over 12 years painting, digitally marketing, and selling collector vinyl toys with an emphasis on portraits and character design. She has sold her work at conventions and art fairs, through her own and other websites, and by commission. Prior to that, she worked on a communications team in the energy industry to produce digital information products to solve the needs of customers. Kristen has been teaching creative and technical skills for over 19 years and earned National Board Certification in Career Tech Education in 2023.

Wendy Clark

2D Animation and Concept Art Instructor

Wendy Clark teaches 2D Animation and Concept Art.