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Broadcast and Video Production

Capture and create the moments that everyone just has to see.

Experience is important for success in broadcast and video production occupations, and students at Francis Tuttle receive that from the start of their time here. Whether through classroom projects or working with one of many business and community partners. Students get to work out in the field or in the Tuttle Vision studio.

All training is aligned to real-world experience, so students are ready the moment they graduate. Video students use a variety of software tools that are common in the real world, such as Adobe Production Studio Suite and Apple Final Cut Pro Studio. They also learn to work with high-definition cameras, teleprompters, and professional video switchers in both a studio and field setting to produce news packages, commercials, short stories and various other productions.


Employment Opportunities

Television broadcast industries, website design firms, training and e-Learning departments, publishing companies, organizations with in-house support for video production or web design, internet-based businesses, entrepreneurship.

Broadcast and Video Production Majors

About this Occupation

Careers in broadcast and video require artistic aptitude, flexibility, imagination and creativity. They are often in high-stress environments due to strict deadlines, meaning project management, adaptability, critical thinking and problem solving are essential skills. Professionals must keep up with advances in technology and technique to keep skills current, so a dedication to lifelong learning is desired.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Waleed Salim

Broadcast & Video Production Instructor

Waleed Salim is a Broadcast & Video Production instructor at the Rockwell Campus.