Students prepare for a career in security or law enforcement

Criminal Justice

A career in law enforcement or security starts in the Criminal Justice program.

Criminal justice professionals require specialized knowledge and a high level of ethics and integrity not found in other occupations. There are a variety of interesting roles within the criminal justice system, though jobs can be highly competitive, making education and training an important element for recruitment.

Students learn about criminal law, investigations, Homeland Security, defensive tactics, physical fitness, and police function and fundamentals to prepare them for work that may be physically demanding and stressful, and requires preparation to respond to challenges and situations to make judgments under pressure and to problem solve quickly.


Employment Opportunities

E911 Dispatch Centers Hospital Security Jails Police Departments Security Agencies Security Dispatch Centers Sheriff Departments

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Criminal Justice Majors

About this Occupation

Careers in law enforcement and security begin in the Criminal Justice program.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Johnnie Loudermilk

Criminal Justice instructor

Johnnie Loudermilk teaches Criminal Justice at the Reno campus. He earned an Associate degree in Criminal Justice from Rose State College, and a Bachelor in Trade and Industrial Education at the University of Central Oklahoma. Johnnie previously worked as a Criminal Justice Instructor at Metro Technology Center in Oklahoma City, and as an Oklahoma Career Tech Connect Instructor at Oklahoma City Public Schools.