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Prepare for your career while building the business of your dreams

Students build their future in the most unique way imaginable: by creating, designing, improving and presenting their own business concept. Using the power of creativity and the Danforth Campus' innovative tools and resources, students learn how to unleash their human potential and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.

The curriculum developed in collaboration with INCubatoredu takes students through a new way of learning. Students experience the entrepreneurial process firsthand, developing skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, teamwork and public speaking. Failure is an accepted outcome, and instead of producing a bad grade, it simply gives students the chance to go back, to refine their creation and solve problems while they learn.

Students work on their business projects alongside advanced placement and college prep courses, giving them both the knowledge and experience that leads to success at the next level, be it college or business ownership. So what are you waiting for? Start dreaming, and tomorrow you could solve one of many problems to make life better for everyone.



Employment Opportunities

This program is designed to prepare students to pursue a degree in the areas of entrepreneurship and business development.

Entrepreneurship Majors

About this Occupation

Success in this career field requires creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, and public speaking skills. Students must have resilience, adapt to changing circumstances, and meet new and/or recurring problems head on.


More than a third of entrepreneurs start their business during college, according to Entrepreneur Magazine

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Abby Williams

Entrepreneurship Academy Instructor

Abby Williams teaches the Entrepreneurship program at the Danforth campus. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer Sciences/Career and Technology from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, and a Master of Education in Education Administration from Idaho State University, in Pocatello, Idaho. Abby previously was owner and chief operating officer of Northwest Pool Management Inc., and was a family and consumer sciences teacher at both Bethany High School in Bethany, and at Teton High School in Teton, Idaho.