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Service Careers — Grounds Keeping/Automotive Maintenance

Service positions are both plentiful and crucial to organizations and daily life

Service Careers provides students with technical training and experience in a variety of service occupations. Students learn how to thrive in an often physically demanding job that involves grounds keeping and landscaping, basic car and tire maintenance, job safety, and effective use of tools.


Employment Opportunities

Lawn care companies, landscaping crews, tree service companies, quick lube automotive centers, tire centers

Service Careers — Grounds Keeping/Automotive Maintenance Majors

About this Occupation

Jobs in this field may be outdoors or indoors, and indoor environments may or may not be climate controlled. Noise level is moderate-to-loud due to running equipment. Work often involves chemicals, operation of power equipment (possibly with sharp blades), and/or work with large automotive shop equipment, so safe work practices are essential. Prolonged working and standing is often necessary. Basic reading and math skills are necessary.

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Shawn Daugherty

Service Careers — Landscape/Auto Instructor

Shawn Daugherty is a Service Careers instructor specializing in Landscape/Automotive at the Rockwell Campus.

Crystal Wyckoff

Service Careers

Crystal Wyckoff is a Service Careers instructor at the Rockwell Campus. She joined the Francis Tuttle family from Putnam City High School, where she was a Special Education teacher. She also worked as a Habilitation Training Specialist at Independent Opportunities, Inc. Wyckoff obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Special Education from the University of Central Oklahoma.