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Why Francis Tuttle

Francis Tuttle Technology Center presents an unrivaled career and educational opportunity to high school students

Why should you choose Francis Tuttle? Perhaps the better question is why not?

High school students spend half the day at Francis Tuttle learning a skill that contributes to their future career plans, studying college-level subjects that count toward advanced placement credit, and networking in student organizations and competitions.

Did we mention there's no charge?

High school students enroll at Francis Tuttle tuition-free. Transportation is provided by high schools, and there are on-campus dining options available throughout the day.

Our academies offer students a way to prepare for college and get ahead in computer science, engineering or biosciences and medicine. Math, science and elective credits are available, and classroom work involves finding solutions for real-world problems.

There is essentially no risk for high school students who enroll at Francis Tuttle, and the reward is a positive, life-changing experience. Just imagine what you can achieve!

Francis Tuttle