EV AEV first responder training

Alternative Energy Vehicles

Classes provide vital information to anyone who encounters electric vehicles on the job

Learn how to safely work with and work around electric vehicles through hands-on exercises. Training classes take place on campus, where trainees will get to work on a fully operational electric vehicle and training simulators.

First responders, municipal vehicle fleet technicians, and any similar jobs will likely need enhanced knowledge of alternative energy vehicles. Trainees come away with basic operational and safety knowledge, and they can take a deeper dive into the subject of servicing and repairing alternative energy vehicles.

Contact Walter Miller via email or by calling 405.717.4239 to schedule this training.

Types of Training Classes

  • General overview of electric vehicles, their evolution and types
  • How to quickly identify hybrid vs. full-electric vehicles
  • Component location and identification
  • How and where to find operational information about individual hybrid/electric vehicles
  • Commercial and home charging stations
  • Safety do's and don'ts
  • How to identify an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • What to look for if the electric vehicle battery is damaged
  • Knowing what devices to avoid when working around a damaged electric vehicle
  • how to find battery disconnect devices on specific vehicles and how to use them
  • Required safety and fire suppression equipment and how to use it
  • Live vehicle inspection to determine component locations

Phase 1

  • Identify an Electric Vehicle
  • Safety procedures and equipment review and demonstration
  • Practice on simulators prior to on-vehicle and battery work
  • Digital volt meters for diagnosis
  • On-vehicle work, including removal and replacement of all vehicle access panels; location and identification of components
  • Test a live vehicle battery and assemble, remove, and replace a battery cell

Phase 2

  • Build individual component systems in a lab setting
  • Remove and replace vehicle battery system
  • Disassemble/reassemble vehicle drive motor