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Child Development Center

The Child Development Center both trains Early Care and Education of Children students at Francis Tuttle and serves as a resource to the community, full-time faculty and students.

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Trained staff members assist both students and young children in accomplishing their individual goals through accumulated experience and knowledge of how children grow and develop. As a training site, every attempt is made to serve as an exact model for the students, the children, and the community.

Who can use it?

Children between ages 3-5 are eligible for the full-day program. Priority for placement is given to full-time Francis Tuttle Employees and Students. Because more applications are received than there are places to fill, it is advisable that parents or guardians apply well in advance.

Children are enrolled in the order of when their application was received; however, the Center balances the group according to gender, chronological age and maturity levels in order to provide the best environment for growth.

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When is it open?

The Center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is open throughout the school year, and corresponding holidays on the school year calendar are observed.

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What do the children do?

Children who attend the Center receive a stimulating, challenging and rewarding preschool experience in a caring educational environment. Every child is unique, and as such, they are encouraged to personally grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.

The Center uses the learning center approach, so each child is able to choose areas in which to play. Teachers are there to guide each child based on their personal skill level and interest. Learning center activities include motor skill development through toys, games and blocks, art and music enjoyment, science, math, language skills, library, dramatic play, and outdoor play activities.

Child playing in a sandbox

Each child at the Center is provided with opportunities to:

  • Feel important, achieve success, initiate ideas, become more independent, and feel good about themselves.
  • Develop muscular coordination, physical skills and build strength
  • Develop sound habits of eating, resting, elimination and play to establish a good foundation for every day health and safety
  • Learn to respond comfortably and happily to peers and adults
  • Grow in the ability to express emotions constructively
  • Develop imagination and creativity, and express ideas, feelings, and needs creatively through music, movement, dramatic play, art, and language.
  • Grow in understanding of natural and social environments, as well as spatial and number relationships
  • Build sound concepts, develop good intellectual habits, such as the ability to solve problems, persevere, concentrate, become absorbed and make decisions.
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