Eligible Career Majors

Below is a list of programs (career majors) that are eligible for Federal Student Aid for the 2024-2025 school year. The weeks of instruction indicate full-time enrollment. Students enrolled half-time will need twice the amount of time to finish the program.

Career MajorClock HoursFull-Time WeeksCampus
2D Animator96036Danforth, Reno, Rockwell
3D Animator96036Rockwell
3D Modeler96036Rockwell
Accounting Associate96036Rockwell
Advanced Cabinetmaking and Interior Finish60022Rockwell
Automotive Service Technician108040Danforth, Reno, Rockwell
Building Automation60022Reno
CADD Technician94534Portland, Reno
Carpentry Level 160022Rockwell
CNC Machinist105039Portland
Commercial Carpenter60022Rockwell
Concept Artist96036Reno, Rockwell
Cosmetologist150054 (daytime) or 67 (evening)Danforth, Reno, Rockwell
Criminal Justice107242Reno, Rockwell
Culinary Assistant Entry-Level105639Rockwell
Digital Media Designer96036Danforth
Early Care and Education Master Teacher105039Rockwell
Enterprise Developer96036Reno, Rockwell
Entrepreneurship Specialist96036Danforth
Esthetician60022 (daytime) or 29 (evening)Danforth, Reno, Rockwell
Game Programmer72028Reno, Rockwell
Graphic Design Specialist96036Rockwell
Graphic Designer72028Rockwell
Instrumentation and Process Control Technician60022Portland
Introduction To Cabinetmaking and Interior Finish60022Rockwell
IT Enterprise Administrator105039Danforth, Portland
IT Enterprise Technician69027Danforth, Portland
Master Instructor100038 (daytime) or 46 (evening)Danforth, Reno, Rockwell
Mechatronics105039Portland, Reno
Medical Office Specialist90035Rockwell
Medium/Heavy Diesel Service Technician105039Reno
Medium/Heavy Diesel Truck Service & Light Repair Technician78029Reno
Motion Designer96036Reno, Rockwell
Nail Technician60022 (daytime) or 29 (evening)Reno, Rockwell
Non-Structural Repair60022Rockwell
Payroll Accounting Clerk98537Rockwell
Practical Nursing131644Rockwell
SCADA - Manufacturing and Energy Systems Emphasis122545Portland
Structural Repair103538Rockwell
Structural Welder90035Portland, Reno
Surgical Technology118543Rockwell
Video Producer108040Rockwell
Video Production Assistant84031Rockwell