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Ford finds future talent in CareerTech

Ford Day brings career possibilities to automotive students

Automotive service technicians are in high demand, and Ford is looking to the future to fill those positions.

With the advancements in battery technology, electric vehicles, and automated driving, the mechanics of tomorrow's cars need to be primed for that type of work. CareerTech — and Francis Tuttle Technology Center in particular — is the source of talent that Ford has decided to rely upon.

“We’re interested in talking to students about terrific career opportunities,” Jonathan Cuff from Ford Motor Company Dallas Region, said. “There’s a huge demand for automotive service technicians. Dealers are eager to get to know these young people and figure out how to build a repair shop with future talent that can work on new Ford vehicles.”

On Thursday, March 10, the industry-leading car maker brought Ford Day to the Francis Tuttle campus. It was the second such event held in Oklahoma. Tulsa Tech hosted the first back in 2019.


Ford Day Mach-E inside

About a dozen dealerships — some from as far away as Lawton and the Texas Panhandle — brought booths, professionals, and unique Ford vehicles to the Transportation Technology building. It was all a way to show Automotive Service Technology and Collision Repair Technology students what a career at Ford has in store for them.

“Whenever they see these guys out here and they talk about the pay, bonuses, and the career they can have, that’s a visual for them, instead of us standing up in front of the class and talking about it,” said Automotive Service Technology Instructor Steve Boyd. “Ford has really stepped up. They are seeing a need for high-quality jobs in the future. It’s no longer a matter of going out and getting oil all over yourself. We’ve been working on an event like this for about two years."

Ford also brought its Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) tool. It showed students what technicians get to do every day as they tackle the modern challenges of vehicle repair and enhancement.


Advanced Career Exploration Ford Day

"It’s no longer a matter of going out and getting oil all over yourself," Boyd said. "Now we’ve got electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, all that autonomous technology coming out. So they’re seeing a need for new students and employees to fill that need."

Dealerships brought out several trucks, including the iconic Ford F-150. They also brought a couple of classic cars and the new Mustang in both its conventional and electric vehicle models.

"We’re excited to be at a state-of-the-art, world-class facility like Francis Tuttle, and we want to showcase how exciting it is to be in the automotive business," Cuff said.

Ford is planning more Ford Day events, and Boyd said he wants to see Francis Tuttle host one every year. Next time, he said the plan is to make the event larger and invite more CareerTech centers.

by Adam Troxtell - March 15, 2022