Full(er) Circle Society

The hands-on aspect really helps students learn in a big way.

Francis Tuttle students who go on to serve as employees are recognized as being members of the Full Circle Society. Some members have made an even fuller circle on campus this Summer.

Summer Quest is held in June each year with weeklong classes for middle school students. Some instructors have been students or are returning next semester, but a few have circled further, participating as a middle school student in Summer Quest, then as a high school student in a career program, and are now serving as instructors, teaching during Summer Quest.

Caleb Knight demonstrates a 3D printer in CAD Creations.

Caleb Knight recalls attending classes in robotics, web coding, and digital art several years back. He enjoyed those so much that he enrolled in the Engineering Academy, which he called “an awesome experience!” He taught CAD Creations (computer aided design) this Summer, and was impressed how quickly his young students caught on from the basics he instilled. Caleb will start Oklahoma State University in the Fall, as a dual mechanical and aerospace engineering major.

Harrison Booker, right, helps a student prepare for launch in Aerospace Adventures.

Harrison Booker taught robotics last Summer, this year taught Aerospace Adventures, and enjoyed helping a younger generation learn some basics of these burgeoning industries, and “paying it forward.” He remembers participating in robotics and CAD as a Summer Quest student, and he also attended the Engineering Academy through high school. Harrison will be a mechanical engineering sophomore at Purdue University next semester, and reflects "The hands-on aspect really helps students learn in a big way." He said that from one class to another, his students come from different backgrounds, but found common goals very quickly. He added that Francis Tuttle was very important to him in preparing for college.

It has been said that teaching what you’ve learned is the ultimate learning experience, and these former students have respectively experienced a range of learning opportunities with Francis Tuttle, teaching included.


by Jeff Knapp - July 6, 2022