Diesel Industry Week

Industry Week fosters employer-employee connections

Diesel Tech students network with industry professionals

When our programs have strong connections to industry, it means better training and access to good paying jobs for our students. Diesel Technology provided a perfect example of that recently.

During Industry Week, representatives from different companies who rely on diesel technicians in their operation spoke to students about the jobs they could land with their industry certification. It also gave students the chance to ask questions and build relationships with potential employers.

“We’re looking for a positive attitude and people who want to be there,” said Marcy Cummins from Premier Truck Group to gathered Diesel Tech students. “We want people who want to come to us and be part of a team.”

Several graduates from the Francis Tuttle Diesel Technology program currently work for Premier Truck Group, which has locations across the country — one in Oklahoma City — and in Canada.

“Some of these guys will end up making $100,000 a year in this job,” Diesel Technology Instructor Brad Wake said.

Industry partnerships are important in preparing our students and customers for success in the workplace. That’s why Francis Tuttle programs rely on Advisory Committees made up of local business leaders who let us know what the job market is like.

Premier Truck Group networking

For example, some of the businesses that presented during Industry Week are on the Diesel Tech advisory committee. This committee works with Francis Tuttle to provide insight on industry trends, and one in particular for diesel technicians is all too familiar today.

Like several industries today, diesel technicians are in high demand. Wake said the reason for this is similar to other professions: the current workforce is aging out, and companies need more of the younger generations to migrate into their industry.

“A lot of it is retirements,” Wake said. “They’ve got baby boomers who are reaching the end of their careers, so they’re trying hard to get replacements for all of those jobs.”

Wake receives requests from companies to come speak to students. They see it as a great chance to foster connections that will fill jobs with workers who are prepared for the challenges of today’s industry.

Professionals come talk to students about what it is like to work for their company. They also talk about general topics students should keep in mind while applying for jobs, such as benefits, working hours, special programs, and upward mobility.

“We’re really big on promoting internal talent,” Ashley Meier, a recruiting specialist at Premier Truck, said.

Other companies who had representatives present during Industry Week include Holt Truck Centers, Transportation Resources, Warren CAT, Rush Truck Leasing, MHC Kenworth, Ford, Hobby Lobby, Bruckner’s Truck and Equipment, CL Boyd, UE Manufacturing, Midwest Bus Sales, Allen Contracting, Kirby Smith Machinery, and Bobcat of OKC.

by Adam Troxtell - September 15, 2023