John Deere technician training industry

Workforce Development creates specialized technician training

Francis Tuttle WED helped a John Deere tractor distributor provide important job training to technicians

With 31 locations that span the Midwest, it’s safe to say there's no shortage of work to be done at P&K Equipment.

They serve as a John Deere distributor to America’s farmers and ranchers, making a technician's job that much more important. Job training ensures they know how to service these powerful machines quickly and efficiently.

That’s where Francis Tuttle Technology Center comes in.

P&K sent their technicians for a training course at the Francis Tuttle Rockwell Campus in late May. They used the Industry Training Lab to set up several John Deere tractors so trainees could take their classroom instruction straight into hands-on applications.

Francis Tuttle provided P&K with technical and logistical support as they developed a training program with the help of experienced Trainer Monte Doan. This ensured the distributor had the space, tools, and resources they needed to prepare their technicians for success.

This is just one example of the customized training solutions provided by Francis Tuttle Workforce and Economic Development. 

by Adam Troxtell - June 13, 2024