Francis Tuttle Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Raise your skill level in a valuable field that applies to almost any industry

If you think you don’t need data, it’s time to recalculate.
Everything operates off of data, especially in this technologically advanced world of Industry 4.0. The time is now to become a valuable asset in a data-driven world.
In this course, you’ll train as a Data Analyst. This high-demand position focuses on:

  • Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data from multiple platforms
  • Creating visualizations from data
  • Storytelling; what does the data mean in practical terms to your business?

There is a fall and spring start date for this class, pending sustained interest. The instructor Rod Castor is a nationally recognized expert in Data Science. He previously taught individual Data Analytics classes at Francis Tuttle and has signed on for this 8-month-long course.

Those interested in this course should contact Cal McPherson via email, or call him at 405.717.4166.


Employment Opportunities

This class trains you in the skills of a Data Analyst. These skills can apply in many different workplace and industry settings. Logistics, manufacturing, energy, aerospace, human resources, and warehousing are just a few areas where data analytics is a primary task.

Data Analytics Majors

About this Occupation

Data analysts work with advanced levels of data entry and modeling software, such as Power BI, SQL, and Python. Their career path usually starts at a junior analyst level and continues into senior analyst and management roles. Data analysts are also highly sought after to serve as consultants in various industries.