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Danforth Campus

Ushering students into a new Oklahoma economy through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Welcome to Francis Tuttle's new Danforth Campus, an innovative facility that offers a new way of learning for students and unrivaled resources for business growth! We are so excited to welcome students to this unique educational experience centered around entrepreneurship starting in the Fall of 2021.

The opportunities presented by the Danforth Campus to students and the community are unlike anything else in the state. Inspired by the most creative and forward thinking companies in the nation, Danforth is designed to promote collaboration, creative problem solving and idea growth from any student and every program.

Quick Facts

  • 3841 E. Danforth Road
  • 155,000 square feet (2 floors)
  • Opening August 2021



The Entrepreneurship Academy spearheads the entrepreneurial focus of the campus. Students in this new program focus on college preparation while also developing their own business ideas, providing them with the skills for future jobs and multiple outlets for a successful career.

The emphasis on entrepreneurship will go beyond the academy. Programs were selected for the Danforth Campus based on their tendency to produce small business ownership opportunities. Several of our students already go on to start and own their own shops, while several more have already received patents for their ideas. This campus only encourages this type of activity by giving students the tools and resources they need in an innovative educational setting.

Programs available at Danforth include:

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a method of problem solving that involves human-centered innovation to produce solutions for every day problems. Principles of Design Thinking are built into the Danforth Campus.

Every space was designed to bring students and the community together to seek new solutions by soliciting fresh perspectives. Furniture, educational spaces, and the general flow of the building are all designed to encourage collaboration in producing solutions to problems that could become concepts for new businesses.

This maintains the theme of entrepreneurship and innovation at Danforth. Entrepreneurship education is a proven way to unleash the human potential of our students and the community. While it is rigorous, it is rewarding on multiple levels to have students and the community working together to design solutions to real-world problems. This is also how Danforth students master the skills they will need — creative problem solving, critical thinking, resilience, and teamwork — for the jobs of tomorrow.

Updates on Danforth Campus Construction

We're so close! Check out the progress on the new campus with the Construction Cam

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Innovative Spaces

Danforth has rooms and spaces dedicated to sparking activity, growing ideas and bringing those ideas to life.

Danforth Campus Design Thinking

Rooms made for brainstorming and concept creation. Future entrepreneurs will come here to collaborate, draw up their business plans and refine their concepts. Learn more about the Design Thinking Studios and the inspiring individuals who will be honored by having their names on these spaces.

Entrepreneurship Gallery

This is where ideas become reality. Future entrepreneurs will use laser cutters, 3-D printers, coding stations, saws, and other resources to create prototypes, products or models.

d.school Entrepreneurship gallery

This space gives students and the community an opportunity to collaborate, share and expand on business ideas. It is designed to promote the free flow of ideas and encourage creative problem solving.

Business and Workforce Development

Danforth is equipped to boost the local business community, as well. Virtually anyone with an idea is welcome to explore its possibilities at the campus, and there are plenty of helping hands and resources along the way.

Entrepreneurs and business owners have access to the Francis Tuttle programs and personnel who know what it takes to get a business from strength to strength. Through AXIS Powered by Francis Tuttle, the business community has access to a state-certified small business incubator that helps small business owners find growth opportunities, and a new business pre-accelerator that provides a leg up to those entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Workforce and Economic Development also has a presence on the Danforth Campus and provides established businesses with expert workforce training services. Between the opportunities to start a business and the innovative training solutions on offer, virtually every part of business development is available on one community campus.