Finding his Niche in Manufacturing

Returning home and learning new skills, Matthew Mantle is ready for his next pitch

Published October 26, 2021
Matthew_Mantle-Advanced Manufacturing

Matthew Mantle

Working at his own pace


Advanced Manufacturing

"I really like how the curriculum allows me to apply what I knew before starting and advance quickly."

With a name like Matthew Mantle, he knows he’ll inevitably be asked if he’s related to the baseball Hall of Famer, and he is. But he’s found his calling outside of what his great uncle Mickey is known for. A native Oklahoman, Matthew attended college in California on a golf scholarship, with plans to become a teacher and coach, but upon return to his home state, an uncle who works in manufacturing suggested checking out Francis Tuttle's Advanced Manufacturing program. He likes how the curriculum allows him to work individually, at his own pace, but also the teamwork and camaraderie of classmates. Matthew found that there are opportunities available all over the U.S., and he can earn great money, so he’s rounding the bases.

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