Class Descriptions

We look forward to welcoming you for Summer Quest 2023 and summertime fun!

Here are descriptions of classes which were offered for 2022.

3D Printing

  • Take a dive into the world of 3D printing with this fun class that teaches all things 3D! By the end of this 4-day class, you’ll learn about: 3D modeling, 3D slicing, 3D printing, and even 3D scan your face!! Each day will highlight specific aspects into the 3D world with HANDS-ON learning! This class is hosted by two engineering graduates who are OBSESSED with all things 3D and can’t wait to show you the secret fun side of engineering.

Aerospace Adventure

  • Have you ever thought of flying for fun, or as a career? During the first half of course, students will be introduced to the principles of flight. They will examine the effects of the control surfaces of airplanes: ailerons, flaps, rudders, and elevators, by using the X-Plane 9 Flight Simulator. Students will learn about the different forms of navigation (VOR, ILS, GPS) used in flight, and will have a chance to practice basic navigation skills in a cross-country flight using the X-Plane 9 Flight Simulator.

    Are you curious about the Mission to Mars? Are you interested in working in a place like NASA, or SpaceX? In the second half of the course, students will be introduced to topics related to space. The Kerbal Space Program will be used to cover the rudimentary principles of orbital mechanics. The interactive software will help students “play” with some of the details involved in launching a rocket into orbit, along with the effect of different orbital parameters of satellites. On the final day students will have a chance to work Quad-drones. They will be introduced to the physics of how drones fly, get a chance to fly a drone, and get acquainted with the elementary principles of programming drones.

Babysitting 101

  • Babysitting 101 combines the Babysitting Basics and Advanced classes to help you become the most prepared and busiest babysitter in the neighborhood! You will learn all you need to know to get your babysitting business started. You will create a resume, business cards, and learn tips for safety on the job. You will learn babysitting etiquette and how to interview for a babysitting job. You will have fun creating kid-friendly snacks and crafts to keep everyone entertained. To advance your babysitting skills, you will make a babysitting pack full of games, activities, snack ideas, and a basic first aid kit. You will learn creative ways to tell stories to children, along with kid-friendly songs. This class is sure to make you the most sought-after babysitter around! Upon completion, you will receive a certificate to add to your portfolio.

Baking Sweets and the Science Behind it 2.0!!

  • Have you ever wondered how cookies and cakes rise? Or what makes a sweet treat gluten free? This is the class for you! Learn the science behind your favorite foods and get creative with nontraditional ingredients such as tapioca pearls and gelatin.

Becoming an AUTHOR-The writing experience

  • Fall in love with writing! Great writers use descriptions to create pictures in the readers mind.  Students will become immersed in the process of creating descriptive stories. We will cover the tools every writer needs to engage their reader! A short story will be created and bound for them to take home at the end of their session.

Bridge Building MaDneSS

  • We will use the Engineering Design Process to research, build, test, and modify bridges that we design and build. This is a STEM course that will allow us to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to enhance your creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills all while building bridges out of various materials. How big of a bridge can we build? How much weight can we put on the bridges? I can’t wait to find out what we are able to imagine and create!!

Building Battle

  • Design, build, and battle! From boats and towers, to cars and catapults, are you the best? Put your engineering skills to the test in this fast-paced class. Come ready to make something new every day and test your design against your classmates and the Defenders!

CAD Creations

  • Sketch, Design, and Create! Enter the world of Computer Aided Drafting. From puzzle cubes to buildings, all creations must start with a design. You will go through a three-step creation process resulting in the skills it takes to turn your creations from plain wooden blocks to a computerized 3D design that can be modified with pictures, engravings, and animated.

Chef Skills 101

  • Students will learn the basic fundamentals of a professional kitchen. These classes will include roasting and braising techniques, knife skills, pasta 101, and the mother sauces.

Christmas in June

  • It’s never too early to start planning for your holidays!! You can create enough ornaments to put on your Christmas tree for your upcoming Christmas holiday! Additionally, you will have the opportunity to create various holiday sweets, one a day…and be prepared to make more come December!!


  • Claynatomy “The Most Humerus Class, I’m Patell’n Ya!” Learn about Human Anatomy and Physiology with the use of clay and Manikin. Students will build anatomical structures with the clay and learn through kinesthetic or hands on activities.

Construction Kids Plus

  • Learn the basics of building and how to safely use power tools while building some super cool items to take home!

Creating Concept Art with Apple iPad and Pencil

  • Procreate for iPad has taken the digital art world by storm and now you can learn how to use Procreate to draw and paint just like real concept artists who design characters and environments for film, games, etc.! You can even learn how to add animation to your concepts using the built-in Animation assist. If you love creating art, come see what all the buzz is about and take your digital art files home with you. Please bring your own headphones...and your creativity!

The Creative Chef

  • Students will be learning how to make homemade pizza, pot pies, bagels, crepes, and even charcuterie in a jar!! This class is not just your basic cooking techniques, but different, fun, and creative dishes!

Creative Crafts

  • Learn the art of dot painting, beading on a loom, sand art in a jar, and more crafts.

Creative Escape

  • It is time to look beyond everyday objects and see the clues that are within. We will look at various ways of hiding clues, many in plain sight. Throughout the week there will be many challenges. You will use skill, logic, and clues to defeat the challenges. Will your team have what it takes to “escape” them all?

Digital Drawing Techniques

  • Just like the pros at Pixar, we'll learn how to draw and paint digitally using a 22-inch Wacom Cintiq Drawing Tablet. We'll work on fan art, character/creature design, posing, facial expressions, sketching, inking, brushwork, and more. Print off your creations and take your digital files home with you. Please bring your own headphones...and your creativity!

Engineering Adventure II

  • Have you ever wondered how things work? Take an adventure through the world of engineering using various simulations to see just how things come to life by building your creations in a virtual design web-based reality. Explore circuits, glider flight dynamics, dragsters, energy-efficient car designs, wind generators, and more. Students will complete four projects during the week. They will create gliders, dragsters, water-bottle rockets, and drones. With each project students will build, analyze, simulate, test, and improve their design in “WhiteBox Learning” before building their physical models. The students will have two chances to compete with each other. First through the WhiteBox Learning simulations, and then with the actual physical projects.

Exploring Art

  • This class will be great for the young artist! You will discover several components using watercolor, acrylics, and polymer clay!

Great BIG World of Food

  • Learn interesting and fun facts about famous foods from around the world! You will get to make several recipes and find out why techniques and ingredients are used in those countries.

Invention Squad

  • Love Legos? Love automation? Well this for class for you! You will get to put those two worlds together, and create stuff from Training trackers to solving engineering problems for all types of processes.

Lights, camera, action!

  • An introductory start to storytelling with video. Students will learn about the production processes of going from an idea to finished product. You'll learn how to write, shoot, and edit using the most up to date software that the professionals are using.

OHHH The Pastabilities-MaMa Mia!

  • Learn how to make handmade Pasta! Capunti, Cavatelli, Orecchiette, Garganelli, and Gnocchi along with delicious sauces to accompany your creations.


  • Do you love art, science, building? Then take a quest exploring art through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). We’ll construct and create a variety of ways to make art, including building art robots, painting with pendulums, and getting messy!

THIS is Rocket Science

  • We'll cover STEM concepts in Physics and Chemistry, such as Forces, Vectors, Thermodynamics, Reaction Rates, and Solutions, just to name a few along with more computer applications. Activities include rockets (duh), bridges, mousetrap cars, egg drops, and more. If  and you enjoy the 3 B's (building, burning, and blowing stuff up), this class is for you!

Travel the WORLD

  • Where in the world have you dreamed of visiting? Students will choose a country to visit and research everything about it. Students will create a project including culture, history, tourist attractions, notable landmarks, famous people, food, and more! Just like a tour guide to their favorite place - come join the adventure!


  • Ideas from Insta, Tik-Tok, and Pinterest will be made in this fun class!! Like to craft cool stuff for your room, family, or friends? This class includes: bath bombs, textured canvases, yarn and clay crafts, to name just a few.

VEX Robotics Fun

  • The students will work with VEX Robotics kits, and will be introduced to the extensive VEX Hardware and the programming language - RobotC. Students will build a recreational robot vehicle and learn to program it to drive autonomously with closed loop programs using feedback from the sensors, then will add a robotic claw and program the robot to work with a joystick. Finally, students will compete in a series of challenges against each other using their robots to race and claw their way to first place.

We Create Interactive

  • Mesh your creativity with the digital world to create interactive media! Each day you will learn something new, from motion design, web development, character animation, game development, and animation. Experiment with all the technology to find out what you enjoy creating!

Welcome to the WIZARDING

  • Have you been waiting for your invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Wait no more! Come join our professor as we dive into magical games, spellbinding crafts, and themed snacks. You don’t have to know the series inside and out to be a part of the action – muggles and squibs alike are welcome to join in the fun!

Who Kneads Dough?

  • You will get to learn about different types of dough while making some of your favorite breads, pastas, and other surprise recipes.

The WiLd WoRld of LiFe Sciences

  • We will explore life processes and concepts common to all living organisms and how they fit in to the world around us. Come join us to see cells, microbes, DNA, forensic skills, and dissection!