Superior CDL-H

Classes Fill Skills Gaps for Companies

Francis Tuttle helped meet all our needs when we had to train CDL drivers quickly.

Local companies regularly ask about customized training for their organizations. But it often reflects a need industry-wide. Here’s an example:

Superior Construction needed more of their employees to obtain commercial driver’s licenses. Francis Tuttle Technology Center had already been training municipal employees in Class A and B CDL for several years.

When Superior reached out, Francis Tuttle’s Workforce and Economic Development was able to implement the existing program to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety requirements.

Francis Tuttle does not possess any tractor trailers for CDL training, but that was easily remedied. Superior supplied the needed transportation equipment, while Francis Tuttle handled the classroom and driving instruction—approximately eight to ten students per month.

Superior spokesperson Ryan Anderson commented “Francis Tuttle helped meet all our needs when we had to train CDL drivers quickly.”

“This class provides an excellent opportunity for Superior’s transportation needs,” said program developer Vernon Cole. “We’ve prepared approximately four new CDL holders per month, 12 months per year, so it is a win-win situation.”

About CDL classes

Students must achieve 80 percent or higher on the DPS written exam, which grants them a learner’s permit. Following a required 14-day waiting period, pre-inspection and 30 hours behind the wheel instruction may commence, including backing in a straight-line, offset right and left, around corners, and to a dock in an alley, as well as parallel parking on each side, and a minimum of 10 hours driving on a DPS-approved route.

by Jeff Knapp - August 17, 2022