Students host a cyber safety workshop for residents of a local assisted living center

Cyber Security students host workshop at assisted living facility

“This is a great opportunity for students to take what they are learning here at Francis Tuttle and give back through community service.” - Dr. Darin Lackey, Cyber Security and Network Support Instructor

In a world where digital connection is more prevalent than ever, cybersecurity awareness is vital for all generations. That’s why a group of Francis Tuttle students shared what they’ve learned in the Cyber Security and Network Support program with residents of a local assisted living facility.

Last month, Carlyse Johnson, Putnam City junior; Jason Knox, Edmond Santa Fe junior; and Jacob Moss, Deer Creek senior visited The Gardens at Quail Springs to help residents stay safe while using the internet.

In addition to serving the community, the cyber safety workshop gave students a different perspective on what they learn in class every day. During the workshop at The Gardens, the team utilized CyberGenerations, a program designed to teach senior citizens cyber safety. They discussed a variety of topics, including password management and security, social media safety and how to recognize and avoid phishing and spam emails, phone calls and texts.

“It felt really good to have someone to talk to about my field,” Carlyse shared.

The facility has invited the students to hold a follow-up workshop, and Dr. Darin Lackey, Cyber Security and Network Support instructor, said he anticipates expanding the workshops to community centers. 

The students said it was a great experience for them, especially as they navigated how to articulate the information in a way that those who were not as familiar with technology could understand. 

“A lot of time when you teach someone something, you learn just as much,” Jacob explained. “It helps to go and talk to someone who doesn’t understand because when you get to simplify the information and show someone else how to understand, you start to understand it more yourself.”  

The students will share their experience at the state SkillsUSA competition, scheduled for April 21-23 in Tulsa. There they’ll compete in the Business Management and Technology Division of the Career Pathways Showcase, highlighting how they have used their trade program to give back to the community. 

by Chelsey Koppari - March 19, 2024