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Students Gain Appreciation from Volunteer Project

"...we encourage others to volunteer..."

Francis Tuttle students recently participated in a community service project at the Mary Eddy Jones Adoption Center of the Oklahoma Humane Society. Their project became much more than a full day’s activities, and has focused their respective energies on sharing their experience with hopes that others will volunteer in their communities.

Prior to selecting the adoption center for their SkillsUSA community service project, one of the student leaders, Suchita Madihally, explained that her parents were planning to get a pet soon and that she would have a significant role in its care. They encouraged her to find a way to experience providing proper care of a pet, possibly by helping a friend or neighbor feed or bathe their pet.

The idea to use Suchita’s parents’ charge to her as an opportunity to encourage others blossomed during student discussions to incorporate this as their project and for all of them ‘to do good in our world,’ by volunteering, all while learning more about pet care. A dozen students dedicated a full Saturday to helping in the community.

SkillsUSA community service project

Shelter staff had just held a large pet adoption event and arranged for students to help with cleaning their living quarters, as well as socializing with the animals in their care. Staff demonstrated how to properly clean kennels and mobile crates, and mop floors to maintain a healthy environment.

While not a glamorous activity, they quickly gained appreciation for the staff.

“We hadn’t realized how much work was involved in caring for pets. After just one day, we gained admiration for those who conduct these activities on a daily basis, and we encourage others to volunteer, whether at a pet adoption center or other place that will help others.”

These kinds of enlightening moments that prepare students for life away from a classroom make their efforts worth every minute.

by Jeff Knapp - April 28, 2022