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Business Marketing and Management

Develop your formula for success in customer-focused careers, marketing, and running your own business

Experience the world of business in an interactive, self-paced learning environment that promotes a strong sense of self-worth and accountability, and promotes students' creativity. Students go beyond classroom learning and apply their skills to projects, competitions, internships and other real-world opportunities that build experience.

The program teaches students to examine consumer behavior, implement the principles of effective selling, and make strategic business decisions just as they would in the real-world. Students develop the skills to be successful in customer focused careers, in marketing, and in running their own business.

Social media strategies, public relations and promotion tactics are also covered so students learn how to effectively meet needs of customers and ensure businesses make a profit. Projects give students the chance to explore their creativity and develop solutions for problems that come up in a real-world setting.


Employment Opportunities

Call centers, insurance companies, health agencies, educational facilities, small businesses, corporations, governmental agencies, retail stores, non-profit organizations, telecommunication companies, entertainment organizations, sports arenas and organizations, advertising agencies, marketing firms or departments, and entrepreneur/business owner.

Marketing Success

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Sam Kem Marketing Success Story

Samuel Kem

Marketing and Professional Services student

"I love the hands-on [aspect] in all of the classes, and how our teachers are very focused on real-world aspects of learning and teaching us how we're actually going to use this in the real world in helping us get a job."

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Ellie Roberts Marketing Success

Ellie Roberts

Marketing and Professional Services student

"I see me being a big executive somewhere, like Disney or YouTube; really in that entertainment business and implementing it into the outside world ... I have such a big plan now because of Francis Tuttle."

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Business Marketing and Management Majors

About this Occupation

Careers in marketing and business are available in a variety of settings including corporate environments, small businesses, home-based businesses and entrepreneurial roles. Local or out-of-state travel may be required. The work environment is multi-faceted and often changing. For success in this career, motivation, initiative, creativity, flexibility, self-direction and the ability to sell ideas through formal presentations are all must-haves.


More than half of respondents said their marketing budgets would increase in 2019, according to a McKinley Marketing Partners survey

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Natalie Jordan

Business Marketing and Management Instructor

Natalie Jordan is a Business Marketing and Management instructor at the Rockwell Campus.