Manufacturing Technology-Machining

Learn to be a “maker” to produce things we hold, see and use every day!


The manufacturing industry is involved in producing almost everything we see and use every day, and students in the Manufacturing Technology-Machining program learn to become “makers” of almost anything. With plenty of employment options, professional machinists are detail oriented problem solvers. Students quickly learn to understand the impact they have on the vital US manufacturing community. Blueprint reading, applied math, precision measurement, and proper tool usage are tools of the trade, as they learn to write programs from blueprints, work with computer-aided-machining (CAM) software, and learn quality control techniques in operating engine lathes, vertical mills, computer numerical control turning centers (lathes), and computer numerical control vertical machining centers (mills).



Employment Opportunities

Automotive Parts Manufacturers Aviation Manufacturers Custom Engine and Motorcycle Shops Department of Defense Contractors Energy Sector, Job Shops Medical Parts Manufacturers Precision Tooling Manufacturers Valve Manufacturers

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About this Occupation

From producing one of a kind, precision components to thousands of parts in exact detail, the manufacturing technology-machining program will help you get there!

Learn from Experienced Instructors

Julia Southern

Manufacturing Technology-Machining Instructor

Julia Southern serves as the instructor of the Manufacturing Technology-Machining program at the Portland campus. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Career Tech Workforce Development and teacher certification in Trade and Industrial Education, both at the University of Central Oklahoma. Julia also served as instructional assistant of the program since 2009, before moving to instructor. She is a member of Francis Tuttle Full Circle Society, as well as a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda, a National Leadership and Honors Organization