Project HOPE

An innovative dropout retrieval program at the Rockwell and Reno campuses that combines career training and academics in one location.

Where Dropouts become Graduates

Project HOPE is a dropout retrieval program housed at both Francis Tuttle Rockwell and Reno campuses.

Together with Francis Tuttle’s partner schools — Cashion, Crescent, Deer Creek, Edmond, Putnam City, and Western Heights — this program assists students who have dropped out of school or who are in danger of dropping out. Students who are interested in becoming a part of Project HOPE should reach out to their school’s counselor.

Program Specifics

Project HOPE offers an alternative pathway for a student to achieve their career goals. Students do this through three components:

  • Academic instruction
  • Career training
  • Life skills training

Through this program, students can earn their high school diploma by achieving credits through academic instruction. Students enjoy one-on-one instruction as they overcome the educational hurdles that had been preventing academic success. An occupational interest and aptitude test ensure students enter a career training program that is most appropriate for them. This information, along with an interview process, is used to develop and maintain an individualized career-academic plan for each student. Project HOPE instructors maintain all academic curricula to meet the academic standards of Oklahoma education.


Project HOPE succeeds when its students succeed, which comes in many forms. We are a recipient of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence in Alternative Education award. Project HOPE is evaluated by the State Department of Education’s Alternative Education Criteria and is seen as an exemplary model of career-related alternative education services.

To find out more and see if you can benefit from Project HOPE, please contact your counselor at a Francis Tuttle partner school.

What students said


"Project HOPE was the most joyful experience of school I've ever had. The staff are so committed to their students' success and they care so much."


"Project HOPE is a second family and a second home. When my day has been going rough, I always know that there will be a moment of joy."


"HOPE was perfect for me. It let me get what I needed to get done. The campus is really nice and everyone here is very kind and friendly."


"I'm really glad I was given the opportunity to come back to Project HOPE and start over on my life. The classes here have always been really easy to understand, and the teachers always make sure I'm doing OK."


"Project HOPE helped me graduate. I loved every moment of being here. Everyone encouraged me to success and all of the staff members cared about whether I did good or not."


"Project HOPE was such a blessing to me and I'm so glad I got to be apart of such a wonderful program."